5 ABC Of Successful Marriages Or Relationships..

A relationship could be seen as a strong affinity or association among individuals with similar tastes, aspirations, and interests in life. Relationships could be for various reasons but the emphasis here is on healthy and godly relationships leading to a blissful marriage. The following stages I call the ABC of Relationship could be helpful in tips for a godly relationship for a Successful Marriage.

1) A- Acquisition stage: This is the first stage where the intending partners try to acquire and assess information about the other person; their beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, ethics, values, and general nature of other people, This is primarily to ascertain the degree of their compatibilities, where there is a high level of compatibility the relationship can move to the next stage, where there is not the reverse is the case.

2) B- Building stage: This stage ensues as a result of the result ascertained in stage A above, here They try to solidify their relationship because they believe they are compatible thereby leading to continuity.

3) C-Continuity: At this level, the relationship is getting firmer and stronger too because they mutually understand each other now and eventually marry. However, if the understanding gets punctured the fourth stage will ensue.

4) D-Deterioration stage: If the partners can no longer get along because of a lack of better understanding of belief ethics and the general nature of life, the relationship begins to deteriorate and the last stage ensues.

5) E-Exit stage: Because of the sensed incompatibility between the partners, the relationship can no longer be sustained but abrogated or terminated.

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