3 Signs A Lady Doesn’t Want to Lose You..

It’s very rare to let go of something you genuinely care for and value. This is also true in relationships, a lady can be afraid of losing you because she genuinely cares for and values you. 

Even when you err, she would still be willing to forgive and draw you closer, she would be more focused on the positive things you have done for her through the course of the relationship, the wonderful memories you’ve shared, and how much she’s enjoyed being with you.

Below are 3 signs a lady doesn’t want to lose you in her life as a boyfriend or Husband;

1) She constantly talks about spicing things up. Ladies are usually very aware when things begin to go down the drain in a relationship, they know it when things start to change when you’re no longer giving them the same attention you used to give them at the start of the relationship, they know it when the relationship is gradually leaving the honeymoon phase. And when you’re with a lady who doesn’t want to lose you, she will start finding ways to save the relationship, she’ll be finding ways to preserve the peace and harmony that you both have been enjoying.
This is when she’ll start talking about spicing things up in the relationship. She’ll be bringing up several ideas that you can both explore to reignite the love that has existed in the relationship. When a lady keeps bringing this up, you should know that she’s trying to keep you and preserve the relationship.

2) She always tries to satisfy you. Another sign that shows a lady doesn’t want to lose you, is when she starts doing everything to satisfy you. She’ll be constantly asking for your opinion on the things she can improve on, to improve her relationship with you, she’ll be invested in ensuring that you have no complaints about your relationship with her. When you start to notice this, you should also compliment her efforts, by trying to satisfy her, to show that you appreciate everything she’s been doing for you and that you don’t take her for granted.

3)  She creates a solid relationship with your relatives. When a lady starts getting closer to your relatives, like your siblings, it’s a sign that she wants to get to know you better, and that she wants something serious with you, it also shows that she doesn’t want to lose you. She wants to have people that she can talk to when things aren’t going smoothly between you two, and that explains why she’ll start solidifying her relationship with your relatives.

Happy relationship.


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