10 Ways To Open Doors Of Blessings, Favor, Happiness, Success, Breakthrough In Your Marriage..

One of the major causes of Successful Marriages and relationships is what is listed in this article.

Grab it and see how happy and joyous your spouse and family will be towards you.

In marriage, you don't necessarily have to do great things to make it work, but do little things in a great way. One little thing that makes a marriage work is "spouse appreciation". When was the last time you appreciated your husband or wife for being the great spouse they're to you?

Spouse appreciation is a marital spice. It's a way of saying to your spouse that you cherish and value them. Spouse appreciation also shows how desirable that partner still is to you.

Learn to say things such as: "Thank you"; "You're the best husband"; "Sweetheart, you're a wife like no other"; "Honey, you are amazing" etc. As simple as these expressions are, there are not just words of affirmation, but marital spices that keep the union sizzling and appealing.

I am not a wealthy man yet, but my wife can't stop appreciating who I am to her and the things I do in our marriage and for the family. I do the same towards her. Some spouses are waiting for their partners to be very rich or accomplished before they can be appreciative of them. No, that's a wrong mindset and approach. Spouse appreciation shouldn't be done only to successful partners. It's a sign of a great personality. Are you a great spouse?


Today learn to appreciate your spouse and also;

1) Be united as a couple because where there is unity, God commands his blessings to rain.

2) Support each other's dreams and visions. Your spouse's success is your success as well, your success is your spouse's too so you have to support each other's dreams and visions as a couple.

3) Bless lives together and a parent to your children. When you touch the lives of your, their gratitude towards you are prayer to God for you.

4) Inform each other of opportunities whenever available. If you discover any opportunities that might be good for your spouse or the both of you as a couple at any point in time, share with your spouse that's part of being one indivisible body.

5) Pray together for every reason. Some doors need to be unlocked in the spiritual realm before they are open in the physical realm, and this can only happen with your prayers.

6) Be good to each other at all times, that way you attract goodness, favor, peace of mind, happiness, unity, love of God, and Success into your marriage.

7) Grow together, two are better than one for they have a better reward for their labors. Don't do anything your way but work as a team and you will succeed as a team.

8) Live confidently and boldly as a couple both in the comfort of your home and in public places. Don't be afraid to take calculated risks in business or outside business, some doors can only be opened by faith so sometimes you have to work with faith. Don't be afraid to step into the unknown situations, to push yourselves, or to go further.

9) Don't be defined by your past circumstances. If your parents didn't do or have much to do those things for you, if you don't have a pleasant history of education or something else; be determined to open a world of a better future.

10) Be patient with each other while you chase your goals. Some doors can take time to open. You will still get there together successfully. 

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