The 4 Dimensions Of Compatibility In Marriage..

Here are 4 determinants of compatibility that you should consider before matching to the altar with any person.

1) COMPATIBILITY OF PURPOSE OR VISION. Marry someone who has a similar purpose and vision for life as you do if you want peace in your home. Don't marry someone whose dream is to be a Local champion, whereas you have a God-giving dream to be a World Champion. It'll end in tears for one of you or both of you. It's always best if you discover your LIFE PURPOSE first before you attempt to discover your LIFE PARTNER, if not you'll choose the person that will affect your purpose negatively and lead to regrets and you resent your partner.

2) COMPATIBILITY OF EMOTIONS. Relationships are a PARTNERSHIP, not SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP. Don't just be with someone you love, be with someone you love who LOVES YOU TOO. The emotions should be mutual and reciprocated to avoid stories that touch.

3) COMPATIBILITY OF FAITH N' PRINCIPLES. You want to know if there will be peace if you date or Marry that boy or girl?

Simple, do you both believe in the same God? or in the same things?

When you don't believe in premarital intimacy, and he or she does, trouble is brewing already.

Are your faith and life principles compatible?

Number of Children? Ideology on Marriage? Submission? Finance?


If you are a quiet person, don't marry any man without identity, you won't be able to fit

If you love God, marry someone who does.

Don't ignore the red flags when they appear if you don't want to cry in your marriage

It's often said that the Opposite attracts, and it may, but in matters of COMPATIBILITY, as mentioned above, it won't end well if you end up with your direct opposite.

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