Thursday, February 17, 2022

The 4 Best Ways To Find A Responsible Life Partner

When it comes to the issue of choosing a life partner, many people apply different methods.

1) Dating. Dating is when two people are in a relationship, getting to know themselves, examining, accessing, checking each other to know the sustainability of the person to be a wife or a husband. As a guy, if after examining and analyzing the lady and she seems to have good qualities, he will then propose marriage to her.

As a lady, if the guy also seems to have good qualities, she will accept the guy's proposal and they will start preparing for marriage. But if after dating for a while and either of them didn't find the other person interesting and worthy to be a wife or husband, that's how the relationship will end. This method is simply based on trial and error or luck and it's majorly responsible for the many heartbreaks today. If you also check the divorce statistics, this method of choosing a life partner is a major contributor.

2) Recommendation. Another method of choosing a life partner is a recommendation. This is when someone, parents, relatives, colleagues at work, friends, or neighbors introduced or recommended a lady to a guy that is looking for a wife. They are often based on what good qualities or characters they have seen or observed about the lady. The guy will then check the lady out to see if it is true and from there relationship will start and then marriage if the boxes are ticked. Personally, I know someone whose marriage didn't work out because of this method.


3) Arranged Marriage. This is the type of marriage where 2 families, friends, business partners, politicians, kings, etc., arrange for their children to marry each other for the purpose of friendship or a reward for something done in the past. More often than not, this arrangement is not in the interest of the children but those that arranged the marriage. It is often to strengthen their relationships, businesses, empire, career, interests, etc. During ancient times, this was the method kings used to build alliances and strengthen their kingdoms. Little consideration is given to those getting married.

4)  Betrothal. This is when someone is betrothed to another person. When a girl is pledged to be married to a boy when they grow up. This is more like the last point, the only difference is that this is done when the children are still little. There are other methods based on the culture of the people. The point I'm trying to make is that there are different ways people go about choosing a life partner. But there is a method that supersedes all the other methods. This method is sure and authentic. With this method, you can be assured that you will never make a mistake or choose the wrong person. With this method, your chances of marrying the wrong person are zero. The method I'm talking about is to allow God, the Originator and Inventor of marriage to choose a partner for you. God is the only Perfect Matchmaker for anyone that wants to enjoy a successful marriage.


He said concerning Adam, "I will make a helper meet(suitable, right, fit) for him." God is still in the business of making marriage perfect and joyous for the people that will acknowledge and allow Him to choose for them. It is not by force. When Abraham's servant was mandated to look for a wife for Isaac, he prayed and God directed him to the right woman for Isaac. The scripture recorded that when Rebecca came into Isaac's life, he was comforted. That's what the right person does, he or she brings comfort. What I'm saying in essence is that the best way to choose a life partner is to allow God to choose for you.

Any other way is full of trial, error, and uncertainty. Allow God to choose for you, that's the best way. Before God will choose anyone for you, He will put you in consideration. He doesn't choose anyhow. He will choose someone that is fit and suitable for your destiny, purpose, personality, temperament, etc. Let me close by saying that God does not force His will on people. You have the right to choose who you want to marry. But if you want the choice of God which is always the best, then you will have to give up your choice and right.

If you want the will of God, you will have to give up your will.

Remember, the best way to choose a life partner is to allow God to choose for you.

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