Major Reasons Why Many Marriages Fail Despite Being God's Will..

God's will in marriage is basic. It's not enough to build let alone sustain a marriage. It's just like a foundation. But a foundation is not a complete house; it's just a part of an erected structure.

While it's true that some people who claim to have heard God over the choice of a life partner are not all the time sincere and right, however, in most cases, a marriage shipwreck is beyond God's will factor. Most times, marriages fail when we don't take personal responsibilities or have stopped taking personal responsibility for the success of our marriage as spouses.

Marriage is like a house that one builds. That means it requires a lot of work from the two spouses. Working marriages are ones where the two spouses are committed to success for a lifetime. No one spouse has all it takes to make a marriage work all alone. Marriage functions on mutual efforts.

One principal component of a successful marriage is PERSONALITY. Aside from God's grace, personality is the WHEELS upon which marriage rolls. This is so because marriage is nothing but the reflection of the two spouses in it. So marriage is the couple.

Over the years, the teaching about marriage has been that if one marries God's will for their life the marriage will automatically work out or can never break. That's untrue. Nothing works except it's made to work, marriage inclusive.

According to the scriptures, God's will is never an all-in-all phenomenon. As powerful as God's will is, it's often at the mercy of the RECIPIENT, meaning that God's will is only given practical expression in our lives by our COOPERATION. So it's a big mistake for anyone to anchor their marriage on God's will and won't do anything else that is required. Of course, God's will may be some sort of power in the realm of the spirit, however, there are many other components in the mix. Until those other components and meticulously and joyfully added, marital bliss isn't in view.

Contrary to what most church folks believe, God-ordained marriages go through some difficult moments also, but as we all know, wisdom is required to guide and resolve those issues. It's so because our humanity is often laced with IMPERFECTIONS. There are no perfect marriages anywhere in the world. The best we can all achieve is very blissful marriages. Bliss requires constant improvement on the part of the two spouses where they should and can make improvements or changes and tolerance where they can't really make improvements or changes.

Many people lack what I call "marital wisdom". Marital wisdom is simply the knowledge required for a blissful marriage. Do you know as much as you should know to lead a blissful marriage? Do you possess the personality that allows marital bliss?

Marital success does not answer to titles, academic qualifications, professional accomplishments, social status, riches, or even anointing; It answers to PRINCIPLES. That's why you can see divorced CEOs, billionaires, professors, pastors, counselors, coaches, or any other type of professional, etc. Unreserved and untiring commitment to the marriage ethos by the two spouses is the secret of marital success.

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