List Of Prayers Points For A Happy, Joyous And Successful Marriage.

If you are single and searching for life partner, you can pray these prayer points listed below to tell God about the types of marriage you want him to give to give you. 

On the other hand, if you are not planning to get married for now, please pray for the marriages of your loved ones, your neighbors, and members of your local churches.

1) Thank You most Holy Father in Heaven for the gift of someone like my hubby to my life and all You have given us as united loving souls. Thank You my Good God for keeping my home and sustaining us with the love we share on a daily basis. Thank You for not allowing the enemy to come, steal, kill, and destroy the happiness of our marriage, this we pray in Jesus’ name.

2) Father, let my marriage celebrate You this year and then some. Allow individuals to be Directed to You in view of my marriage. Utilize my companion and I for the greatness of your name gracious Master, and to revamp individuals' trust in marriage as a foundation, in Jesus' name.

3) From today, God's hands of flawlessness will be upon our marriage, amen.

4) Father, consistently I call out to on You this year, if it's not too much trouble, respond to me with Kindness and love. Allow Your kindness to represent me and my life partner, represent my kids and all my friends and family, in the strong name of Jesus.

5) A wide range of Transgression and insubordination against my Master Jesus will be nowhere near my home. My life partner and I won't stroll in defiance against God, for the sake of Jesus Christ.

6) Gracious Dad in heaven, kindly uncover to us Your will for our marriage so we can satisfy You in the entirety of our parts of our lives, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, amen.

7) Father Lord, let the light of your glory be our direction for the happiness of our marriage.

8) Father, anything in my marriage that does not align with Your will as my father, please remove it forever, in the mighty name of Jesus.

9) Goodness Father in heaven, all around, thrive us as one family. Succeed us so we can support Your work on earth to thrive. Thrive us so we can be Your Realm Financiers on the planet, euphorically supporting Your work here on the planet, in Jesus' name.

10) Father, I decree that there will be no divorce or separation in my marriage for any reason. I decree and declare that my marriage will not fail God, in the mighty name of Jesus.

11) I pray that my spouse and I will live long lives in good health and sound mind with joy, serving our Lord, in Jesus’ name.

12) I stand against each manipulative soul that is sent against my union with breakdown and kick the bucket in the of Jesus Christ, amen.

13) Goodness Master, train us to adore each other genuinely, help us to be agreeable, steadfast, generous, understanding to one another, and indivisible from one another for the sake of Jesus Christ.

14) My Ruler and my God, pour in us your soul of pardoning, benevolence, love, and solidarity, let everybody around us see your presence, and magnificence in our marriage, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

You can now say your singular petitioning heaven focuses as it concerns your marriage.

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