List Of The Best Gifts To Give Your Lover To Demonstrate True Love..

Valentine's Celebration is a day to celebrate love. The day is usually one that lovers would like to have some romantic fun. It's alright to have a date at a restaurant or eatery or cinema. Or anywhere else.

Things you should know about Valentine's Day.

1) What is the best gift for Valentine's Day.
2) The best way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

But please, don't do things you won't be proud of or like at the end of the day after Valentine's.

Some singles always wonder about what kind of gifts they can get for their lovers. I could help you out using the list of gifts below.

Valentine Gifts for Ladies:
1) Flowers
2) Money
3) Jewelry
4) Bags
5) Clothes
6) Shoes
7) Car.

Valentine Gifts for Men:
1) Money
2) Wristwatches
3) Perfumes
4) Belts
5) Shoes
6) Clothes
7) Car.

You can give anything to a lover minus lovemaking. Making love with your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't a gift but a pleasure.

To the ladies:

Generally, in this part of the world, ladies aren't very generous with gifts as they believe that it is the duty or rather the responsibility of men to do that. But that isn't true. In a love relationship, both the man and the lady are lovers. A principal component of love is giving. So, learn to give. You may get your man lover one of the gifts listed above.

If you got your lover a gift, that's okay. Please don't succumb to his demands to make love to you in the name of giving gifts. Your body isn't a gift of love to anyone. Lovemaking isn't a gift, but pleasure. God calls it FORNICATION if done outside Marriage and frowns at it.

Valentine's Day is a day that most lovers are most vulnerable. The hormones are raging like never before. The desire to want to make love with a partner is very high. No matter the temptations, please be strong and don't succumb to them. Unwanted pregnancies are real and transmitted diseases are much around. Don't soil your conscience. Don't get on the other side of God. Should you become pregnant out of wedlock, you will have yourself to blame. Most lovers aren't ready and willing to settle down. Beware!

To the men:

Generally, men are fond of demanding lovemaking from ladies on Valentine's Day. Many are requesting lovemaking because they have spent some money on a lady. Making love with your lover isn't a gift in a love relationship. Stop threatening to end the love relationship just because she isn't yielding to your bedroom demands.

Valentine's Day is a very vulnerable day for many guys. The hormones are ragging, but please control yourself. Love isn't by making love.  in a love relationship is sexual indiscipline and God frowns at it seriously. The Bible calls it FORNICATION.

If Valentine's Day isn't for lovemaking, what then should couples do?

1) Have a date at a restaurant eatery or cinema while telling love stories.

2) Get each other gifts and make them memorable.

3) Discuss your love life and your future plans about enjoying your marriage by making it Successful.

On a final note:
Dear ladies, you are the ones that are mostly at the receiving end. Should you get pregnant, you are the one who would be affected the most.

You will carry a pregnancy for 9 months with all the inconveniences associated with it.
You will be mocked by people.
The guy may deny the pregnancy.
The guy may run away from you.
The guy may not even marry you.
Refuse to be a baby mama and single mother. You deserve better.
Therefore, continue to keep your body for your own husband till the wedding night.

Dear men, God will be very angry at you if you get a lady pregnant this Valentine's Day and outside of marriage. Please be warned.

I hope you have heard me very clearly!

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