How To Reactivate A Collapse Or Unromantic Marriage..

Date Until Death: Before you got married, you got so excited when you anticipated a date with your significant other. Merely the thinking of spending differentia continuous time with your darling would replenish your soul with tremendous satisfaction. You would clean up, dress up, and do your best to look good on that special day. 

Then you got married and you drifted into complacency and a boring routine. Every day your life is filled with projects, deadlines, and activities that your marriage and your spouse have been placed on the back burner. Sadly few people realize that marriage is the backbone of life. When your marriage crumbles, everything else crumbles with it. 

Regardless of how busy you are, set aside a weekly, biweekly, or monthly date time with your spouse. Let the time be regular and plan to make it special. If you cannot afford to go out to a restaurant, have a date in your bedroom, or backyard, or have a picnic at the park. Regular connecting with your spouse will rekindle the spark and keep the fire burning in your marriage. Date your spouse again and again and recreate the good old days. The return on investment will surprise you.

Keeping your marriage and your spouse a priority. It's a choice we make. Life gets the better of us all. Each of us has more than 3 plates can handle, but we need to decide from day 1 to make our spouse and marriage a priority. When our kids were still little, bedtime for them was very important because then it was mummy-daddy time. We would watch our Brazillian soapie together, while we had late-night snacks, and while watching we would chat about our day and just things that bothered us and just spend a minimum of 3 hours together each night. And this was our daily thing. 

I don't say everyone can or should do it daily but as often as possible. But that daily chat or catchup is vital to keep up with what's going on in your spouse's life. Now that we both work from home, we do breakfast together each morning, we call it our morning talk. When he still worked at a company or I did, we would message each other to just say hi, how's your day going? Or a call just to say I love you. And it's not because we have the time that we were and can do these things it's because we made a decision that our marriage is a priority and so are each of us to the other. I cannot even begin to explain to you what that has done for us, for our marriage, our friendship, and our bond. Please try. Your marriage and spouse are worth the time.

"Date nights and little get always has been the key in keeping the spark alive in our 33-year marriage for sure! We both love to stay on the go try new things and travel! Always planning our next adventure and have created so many great memories! We truly enjoy each other's company!"
" Love is a garden, you must cultivate. Cherish the gift of a loving companion. Are either perfect no, but the act of forgiveness and the continued effort to express to your companion how valuable they are in your life with acts of kindness will grow into a beautiful bouquet."

Sometimes it doesn't have to be an expensive date, you two can have a movie date night at home. Just have a time out together in the bedroom out of your busy schedules and focus your attention on your spouse, giving them that quality time they deserve from you.

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