Tuesday, February 8, 2022

6 Ways To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Because women have a shorter urethra (the pipe or tube that transports urine from the bladder to the outside), they tend to have more incidence & recurrence of UTI, as bacteria can travel up the short length of the urethra into the bladder to cause cystitis.
You can take these steps to reduce your risk of being infected by urinary tract infections:

1) Drink plenty of liquids, especially water. Drinking water helps dilute your urine and ensures that you'll urinate more frequently — allowing bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract before an infection can begin.

2) Drink cranberry juice. However, studies are not conclusive that cranberry juice prevents UTIs, it is likely not harmful.

3) Wipe from front to back. Doing so after urinating and after a bowel movement helps prevent bacteria in the anal region from spreading to the vagina and urethra.

4) Empty your bladder soon after making love with your spouse. The act of lovemaking may introduce some bacteria into the urethra and can quickly set off an infection. Peeing right after helps flush out bacteria. Also, drink a full glass of water to help flush bacteria very well out of your body.

5) Avoid potentially irritating feminine products. Using deodorant sprays or other feminine products, such as douches and powders, in the genital area can irritate the urethra.

6) Diaphragms, or unlubricated or spermicide-treated condoms, can all contribute to bacterial growth. So if you use any of these methods of contraception, you may want to consider changing them.

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