6 Ways To Have A Fruitful Marriage..

Are you praying for your marriage?

 That's Good, but prayer is not enough. Being a prayer warrior is not a ticket to laziness.

To have a fruitful marriage, you also need to be.

1) A GOOD CONVERSATIONALIST. Yes, you are talking to God; but you also need to learn how to have conversations with your spouse. How to have communication skills, how to invite your spouse into a talk, and sustain that talk. How to listen and engage. Your spouse needs someone to talk to, not just someone to pray for him or her.

2) A TEAM PLAYER. As you pray, get up on your knees and be a team player. Come up with goals and plans with your spouse and follow them through, do activities with your spouse, and go on dates.

3) A FUN CHARACTER. Laughter is good for your marriage. Not every time is spiritual warfare time. You need to stop being too serious and rigid. Be silly with your spouse, crack jokes, and have fun.

4) AN INTIMATE PARTNER. You cannot pray your way into an orgasm. Being sexy and sexual with your spouse is not ungodly. Learn to dress up for sex and to exude sex appeal. Learn to give pleasure. Be naughty, be seductive.

5) A FINANCIAL MANAGER. No matter how much you pray, if you don't apply the right financial principles your family will languish in poverty. Apply for the best jobs, grow your business, earn as much as you can, and manage it well.

6) A FRIEND TO BE WITH. Your spouse should not just be your prayer partner but also your friend at all times. Talk more than just prayer and Scriptural stuff. Be free to talk to each other without feeling like you are doing an interview to join a Theological school.

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