1) Cry out to the Father in this season for restoration of everything lost, broken, or delayed in our health, relationships, or finances. 

(2 Kings 8:5, Psalm 51:12, Jeremiah 30:17)

2) Declare, that by the blood covenant, we are released from every covenant of death and captivity; we overturn injustice into restoration today in Jesus' name. (Isaiah 49:24-26, Zechariah 9:11-14, Ezekiel 21:27)

3) Pray and command that the things appointed to us be speedily released. With the help of the ministry of Angels, we enter into the season of the new in Jesus' name.
(Job 23:14, Isaiah 14:26-27, Luke 1:45)

4) Pray that in this year of being Revived, the Lord will restore in the set man over your Local Assembly, all that is designed to revive Him and make him a man of God with good success in the name of Jesus. (Acts 2:43,

2 Corinthians 12:12, Psalm 71:21)
5) Pray for a restoration of God's glory for higher dimensions of the miraculous in the Body of Christ and the local assembly that you belong to in the name of Jesus. (John 21:6-7; Haggai 2:9, Nehemiah 5:11)

6) Pray that the Lord will open the book of remembrance for the body of Christ in general and your local church family in particular in the name of Jesus. (2 Samuel 9:6-7, Esther 6:1-3, Genesis 21:1)

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