Are you among the great husbands? Do you want to be one of them? Do you want to be a husband the wife will always adore honor and hero-worship? Then all you just need to do is to develop the characteristics of a great husband and have the trait of a great dad.

(1) THE FEAR OF THE LORD. The first Characteristic of a great husband is the fear of the Lord. He fears the lord enough to obey his word, he fears the lord enough to love and provide for his wife, no husband can be said to be great if he didn't fear the Lord.

(2) HE IS GODLY AND LIFESTYLE. A great husband is a Godly and irresistible quality, he is meek, gentle, caring, loving, ready to forgive supportive, wise, and talk with wisdom.

He is not stingy, he is honest, doesn’t go to nightclubs, he doesn’t drink, smoke, or be unfaithful to his wife.

(3) HE IS LOVE. He loves his wife with all his heart and he is not ashamed to let anybody know this both friends and family. He expresses his love to his wife at any given opportunity and as well makes it real.

(4) HE RESPECTS AND HONOUR HIS WIFE. When you see a man that embarrasses his wife in public for any reason be it, he is a mummy husband, he is not a great man and not worthy of Husband. A great husband respects and honors his wife and gives all glory to God for giving him the grace to do it comfortably.

(5) HE IS A GOOD COMMUNICATOR. There is nothing a woman wants more than to be her discussion mate both at home and in public places. Every woman wants a man to listen passionately to her whenever She talks. One of the characteristics of a great husband is a good listener. He is open to his wife, he speaks the truth in love and respect, and he is always positive in his reaction to his wife irrespective of what the situation may hold.

(6) HE IS A GREAT LEADER. He is never a boss, but a leader, he knows how to make his people follow him without forcing them to do it. He has a vision and he shares the vision with his family to get their opinions as well, he influences the family and he leads by example through a positive attitude, he makes his people work without warring with them, and he makes them do all things with Joy and happiness.

(7) HE IS DILIGENT. A great husband is a worker both at home and office, he is not lazy, and he knows that favor comes only on the train of labor and not idleness, he puts his hands to work and makes bread available to his family at all times.

(8) HE SATISFIES HIS WIFE BEDROOM DESIRES. A great husband is romantic both in action and in words, he knows how to make his wife enjoy him in the bedroom, he is tender, patient, and careful with his wife in the bedroom knowing fully well that they are for each other, he knows that foreplay is a must if a woman must enjoy lovemaking with her man, hence he never rushes the wife but bring her up before any sexual act.

(9) HE GIVES HIS WIFE PEACE. The wife of a great husband is always unhappy to see him leave because he is a man of honor, peace, no fighting, no bitter argument, no abusing or cursing, no shouting, no malice, bitterness ” no resentment, no bickering and no hatred with a great husband. He is a source of joy to his darling wife every day.

(10) HE IS COMMITTED TO MAKE HIS MARRIAGE WORK. He never threatens his wife with infidelity, separation, or divorce, he is ready to give his marriage anything to make it work and be successful, his wife is his number one in his life after God, his wife is his positive thinking partner, his prayer partner, his bedmate, soul mate, lover one and the only one.

May the Lord give you the grace, wisdom, and understanding to be a great husband to your wife in Jesus name

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