The 13 Easiest Ways To Tell Your Spouse "I LOVE YOU..

So many misunderstand the journey of marriage and relationship by not saying the appropriate words and appreciation they should use to make their spouse feel loved at all times.

However, remember that is not just about verbally professing love to your husband or wife, it should be seen in your actions towards him or her, both in public and at home, to properly convince the person that you are showing them true love from the bottom of your heart. When telling your spouse "I love you," say it with meaning and value.

Below are the places or moments you should tell your spouse I love you.

1) Immediately after making love with that enthusiasm in your heart that you have enjoyed each other in bed.

2) In the middle of an argument especially when it looks as if you are winning. Yes; even when you two are in disagreement or having a serious misunderstanding, remind your spouse that love is not dead or threatened simply because of the argument.

3) In front of the children whether they are looking at you and your partner. Children raised in an environment where they witness love said and done grow up wholeheartedly believing that, yes, love truly exists because they have seen their parents showing it. Also, it will make the children understand what true love looks like, and how good it is.

4) When your spouse is sick tell him or her I love you, you don't only express love in good times. It helps your spouse heal faster especially emotionally and mentally.
5) When your spouse is down and feels like a failure simply because of some sort of challenges he or she is facing personally in the office or her place of business, do it because this will remind your spouse that he or she is not alone in that condition.

6) When your spouse is celebrating a milestone such as a birthday, graduation, or promotion in the office. It reminds your spouse that you are together in this journey and you have been praying for his or her success.
7) When your in-laws or your family tries to frustrate your marriage either because of childless marriage or financial issues. Tell your spouse I love you as this affirms to your spouse that you are unshakable.

8) After kissing each other, whether on the lips or the forehead. It makes the kiss sweeter and memorable because you didn't just kiss and go away.
9) After giving birth, whether you have been expecting a baby boy and she gave birth to a baby boy. Tell her, you love her because the stress and challenges involved in pregnancy are not something to neglect for any reason. This will tell your spouse that you have been emotionally and mentally together throughout the 9 months pregnancy journey.

10) After prayer, whether morning prayer or prayer before bedtime. It is the perfect way to say "Amen" to the prayer points said.
11) When your spouse expresses doubt or insecurities in the marriage or relationship, maybe there is a trace of infidelity seen on your phone or your Facebook wall. Rebuild your spouse's confidence in that area by telling him or her, I love you.

12) When you randomly feel like saying it but you are thinking that there is no need to say it. Surprise words of "I love you", will melt the heart of your lover more than you know it. So don't bottle it for any reason.

13) At the start and end of the day especially when you guys work in different offices or locations. Tell your spouse I love you, have a nice and lovely day before leaving the house, and when you come back home, hug each other, and profess love again, make it part of your daily routine and you will see more reasons why it is sweet and how it will lead to happy and successful marriage especially if you have been saying it sincerely.

Waking up is a miracle, it is not guaranteed because our lives are not controlled by us but by God. For as long as your spouse breaths every day; let your spouse know he or she is truly loved.

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