That 6 Things That Determine The Health And Future Of A Relationship..

1) How you allowed God to be part of your relationship. Are you leading your partner with the directives of God or are you doing it with the thought that you have the power to do it, whether it pleases anyone or not? If God is not involved, calamity will be involved.

2) How do you treat each other when it comes to lovemaking. Do you see lovemaking as a special thing between you and your partner, do you consider it to be a sacred thing? Is there a chemistry relationship between you guys, is there excitement that you are making love to each other, is there a sign of protection from unfaithfulness? Because you are to protect yourself from cheating on your spouse.

3) The level of communication in your relationship. It's important to be open to yourselves for easy communication, your spouse should be able to easily reach you at any time, there should be no timetable for communication if you truly want to always express yourselves at any given point in time, there should be no limit for any one of you to express his or her feelings and thoughts, and also forgiving yourselves without keeping records.

4) How do you manage the memory of your past relationship or Marriage. Avoid carrying the luggage of emotional wounds from your past failed relationship into your current union.

Forget about the trauma of the past,  allow yourself to heal from the past failed relationship, move on, open up with your partner, share your secrets, and stop being afraid of being hurt again.

5) How you are managing personal issues, work issues, etc.. It will negatively affect your marriage and relationship if you allow what happened in the office or in your business to determine the happiness of your union.

6) How you manage finances and their related cases. Are you passionately in love with your partner or do you love him or her because of money? Is your love based on how you are financially cared for by your spouse?

Is money the motivational speaker that tells you what to do, simply because you are happy to do things for the happiness of your marriage whenever you are giving money to your spouse?

These characters, attitudes, and lifestyles determine the happiness of your marriage. Handle them well and with care.

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