Some Of The Red Flags You Shouldn't Neglect In A Relationship OR Marriage..

A red flag in a marriage or relationship simply means those things that are opposing the happiness, love, unity, joy, growth, and success of a marriage or relationship. These red flags can terminate a relationship or Marriage that may have been built with credibility or trust over the years. Remember red flag doesn't necessarily mean that your spouse is irresponsible but simply when he or she allows their weakness to control them. Now here is how to identify red flags in marriage or relationship, and deal with them before they will deal with you.

Red Flags in marriage and relationship.

They are;

1) Infidelity. Is not until there's lovemaking in the bedroom that you will not believe that your spouse is cheating. When your spouse starts hiding their phone, deleting text messages, passwording their phone, or starts walking out on you anytime they want to answer phone calls, then the person is cheating on you. This is one of the red flags to look into which if not well managed will crash your relationship or Marriage.

2) Lack of communication or communication suddenly stopped going well between you and your partner, it's clear that something is not working anymore.

3) Abuse. When your lover suddenly starts abusing you on things that he usually overlooks because they are mere things, just take your leave because you may have overstayed your welcome.

4) Gossip. When your lover starts listening to every gossip someone said about you and then uses it against you, or starts using it as a way to make you look like you are cheap to men, or you are not the kind of person to spend the rest of his life with. Please just know that this is a red flag and you should do something about it.

5) Lack of intimacy. Imagine someone that always likes playing with your body, romancing you, or always wants you naked so he could have you as you want and suddenly he or she doesn't have interest again, you notice it and ask what's the problem, the excuse is that the hectic day in the office is making him or her be tired. This is the same person that if not played with you before going to bed it will look as if he hasn't eaten his dinner and he was walking in that same office then. It's a red flag to look into, in your marriage or relationship.

6) Reduction in attention. When your lover who always calls you or sends you romantic messages while at work or in a place of business suddenly stops doing it, you care to ask and the excuse is that he or she doesn't have the chance. This is a red flag to take notes of.

7) Someone who's always happy and understanding with you is now angry and moody, always seeing fault and reasons to criticize anything you do for him. It's a red flag that your relationship or Marriage is heading to the destination of disaster.

8) Reduction in appreciation. When you guys are newly met, you appreciate each other's efforts in everything, You do things like a team, and even house chores and cooking are done together by both of you. Suddenly, there's nothing like appreciation anymore, always complaining, finding faults, seeing you as a distraction or mistake to his personality, words such as I love you no longer exist, and nothing like praying together anymore. This is a red flag you shouldn't take for granted.

9) Rigidity. Someone who's soft, understanding, and easygoing and doesn't give you or create a rigid policy that may hurt you, all of sudden, he started giving you some kind of policy you could not imagine will come from him or her. This is not who he is but a red flag he wants to use to find a way to dump you out of his life. 

These are red flags you shouldn't neglect or take for granted in your marriage or relationship. If it requires you to work on yourself or take caution in some lifestyle of yours so you can restore your marriage or relationship, please do it, and sacrifice it for the success of your marriage.

Ladies exist like racehorses: they must be mastered, tamed, trained, exercised, and regularly serviced. They are like race cars: their machine must be revved at least twice a day.
They are like treasured jewels and rare gems: they must be cherished, shielded, guarded, protected, and defended. 

They are like little children: they must be given attention, pampered, encouraged, loved, created to feel on top of the world, and given everything that they need and want. 
They are like marvelous works of art: they must be respected and valued. 
If you want to keep a lady, live for her alone, worship the ground she walks on, treat her like a Queen, tolerate and take her idiosyncrasies, weaknesses, and excesses, and love her for who and what she is, warts and all!

And one more thing: once in a while send her a romantic poem, serve her breakfast in bed, give her flowers, purchase her the most expensive and exotic perfumes, take her shopping, and in the nighttime cook a candle-lit dinner for her.
Do all this and she will stand with you through thick and thin. 
That's my secret and that's the key!

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