Love Letter To My Pregnant Wife..

Dear wife, 

You are the Queen of my kingdom, the secret trigger of my happiness.

I can remember the day we both rejoice when you told me you were pregnant. It's obvious that since day one when God blessed your womb with our baby, I noticed your body started going through vigorous changes because of our baby.

While I was out with our friends to have fun, you were at home feeling sick and spitting due to the unpleasant taste of saliva in your mouth, and vomiting as well due to some changes in your body temperature.

While I complain about you getting lazy, and not being able to do your usual house chores, our baby was busy creating room inside you and growing daily.

Right in my presence, I watched how your favorite food suddenly became your enemy as you started to crave odd meals, you changed your diet and you started to add weight without being able to control it.

You lost your shape because of our baby inside you, you lost part of your beauty as your stomach started coming out and becoming bigger and bigger every day. Your clothes become small as your belly grows bigger every blessed day. You got worried about the stretch marks appearing on your stomach which is a result of our baby inside you.

A day came when you called my attention to watch our baby kicking inside you! It was unbelievable and amazing!! Right there, I vowed to myself that YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY QUEEN AND THE MOTHER OF MY GENERATION.

I didn't know how strong you were until I saw you in the labor room for the delivery of our baby, you laid down your life to give birth to our baby. You sacrifice everything to make us the family we are today, I shall honor you forever for being the foundation of my generation, my super mama. You deserve everything good in life and I will always strive to provide it for you with everything in me. I will forever respect you and admire you my woman, your womb is the first home of my children.

Your body is now perfect and your stretch marks look so beautiful on your thighs and stomach, I have come to realize how your stretch marks symbolize the strength and beauty of motherhood that you are in now, all I can say is THANK YOU, MY PRINCESS, YOU ARE MY QUEEN AND MY HONOR.

My love for you has tremendously grown, and I see myself falling deeply in love with you every day.

Truly Motherhood is sweet and Beautiful, I can see it in you.

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