Sunday, December 19, 2021

How To Build All Time Profitable Business..

It's that time of the year when we evaluate how far we have gone in different ways. In this season of celebration and the end of the year, many people feel terrible because they think they have failed simply because they couldn't succeed the way their friends did in business and other areas of life.

The truth is that with the wrong orientation or mindset, you will still repeat that mistake next year 2023. One thing I discovered this year why many people didn't have the financial freedom they desired is because of the spirit of Jumping around and trying everything they see that people say is paying and failing at it to the extent of not gaining even the capital they invested in it.

In 2022, don't try to go in and do any business because you saw it's paying others well. Yes, it's paying, but it might never pay you because you weren't built for it and don't also have the tricks and knowledge required.

Forget about motivational speaking. Let me be sincere with you. You weren't built to do everything that comes your way. You weren't designed to make it in every kind of business you venture your money. If you desire success, you need to check yourself if you can do what it takes to succeed in a particular area of business or career.

This means you need to be self-care about what you want to do or go into. You need to know your abilities before deciding to invest in it. I for one thing am sure that I'm not too fond of numbers like some people are good at it. Therefore seeing that coding is paying and deciding to go into it will be that I am deceiving myself and wasting my precious time. I already know I wasn't built to code, so no matter how much it pays, I won't go into it.

This is why some of you struggle to make it in a certain business after so many years of going into it. You weren't designed to do it so leave it for those that are designed for it. We won't be great in a particular area of our career, so stop moving from one way of making money to another. Find a niche, business, or career and ground yourself in it.

Sit down quietly before 2022 and ask yourself questions you can sincerely answer. Understand what you are built to do and increase your capacity in that area so you can start well in 2023.

We can not be affiliate marketers.
We can't be coaches of marriage and relationships.
We can't be doctors or nurses.
We can't be graphic designers and will be doing well in it.
We can't be Cryptocurrency gurus and know how to mine it well.
We can't be authors of best-selling books.
We can't be YouTubers with millions of followers.

But there is something you can be that others can't be and can not be able to compete with you. Nobody is useless in this life. There is nobody without an ability in them that will get them rich in that area they are talented in. We all have greatness inside of us to do something others can't do. All that you need is to find yours in that area you are talented.

The Bible said a man's gift would make way for him and bring him before kings and not ordinary men. It's not the gift of SOME men who will make room for them but all human beings have a gift that will open doors of blessings for them.

It simply means that what you are built to be or do (the value you carry) will lift you, and you will sit before paying customers in that career. So stop putting your eyes everywhere simply because you are told it's paying. Find your place and you will enjoy it.

Do these so that your Year 2023 will be different.

1) Write down ten streams of income that you think you are talented to do. It could be a full-time job, a business, or part-time or passive income. Think critically about them.

2) Use Google to search for those things you have listed starting from the ones you know best and also find people in those areas already and ask them questions so you can be guided. The goal is to at least find out the basics about those ten areas and what it will take or cost you to succeed in them without delay or hitches.

Doing this will help you eliminate some of the things on your list, especially the ones you can't do well. You will find within those areas there are things you won't like to engage in. Some things will stress you out beyond what your mental capacity can carry. Eliminate them because you don't need them.

3) Pray for direction. Sometimes you might think you are built for something because of how you feel about it at the moment, only to discover later that you can't do it you thought. So you need guidance from God before making any decision. Pray and ask for direction because He knows you more than you know yourself.
4) With the remaining things on your list, find effective ways to get trained for them so you can do well in them when you start. Don't try to do all of them. You can start to train yourself in just one or two areas to become an expert. Are there courses you need to take you to start well? Do you need to pay for coaching to those who know it better than you? Build your knowledge about the business structure even as you are in it already.

5) List the tools and equipment you will need to accomplish your newfound areas of interest. Prioritizes the most important one, bearing in mind you don't need to have all the equipment to start your new business or job. You can get the rest of the things on your list over time.

6) Start your newly found job or business. Start working towards achieving it. You are still new in the market, so don't feel discouraged when you didn't make huge profits in the first few months of going into the business or skills. Remember this is business, so you have to give it your best and trust God for success.

7) Learn the business of selling products and services. This is different from what you do or the new skills you have acquired. It is one thing to have a product, and it is another thing to know how to sell your product. 

This article aims to find your niche, skills, and talent. Your niche, skills, and talent are your area of specialization. Your area of influence. It is where you become the boss and authority in the future.

When you become a master in an area and know how to market yourself you will start earning that money you always desired.

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