Friday, December 31, 2021

How To Return To God And Receive Mercy, Breakthrough, Favor, And Blessings From Him

The word return simply means to come back. That is to be where you were before or supposed to be. To do what you used to do before now. To be what you used to be before. You can go on and on.

I don't really know what came over me this morning to write  on this particular topic. However, I hope we are going to gain one thing or two from it.

The year 2021 have ended in some parts of the world but will end generally today in our world. We shall see it no more. And I pray that the misfortunes, neglects, humiliations, rejections, disappointments, failures,  increase in borrowing and debts, both spiritual and physical attacks, loses, kidnapping, banditry,  sicknesses, and all the undesirables of this year shall never repeat in our lives and society. We shall not return to them.  Just as God of Moses told him to inform his people that the Egyptians they saw that very day they shouldn't see again. I repeat to us today that the causes of our predicaments this year shall die with 2021. We shall see them no more.

They say, "No smoke without fire." Nothing happens for no cause or reasons most of the time.

 Famine made the Israelites to leave the land given to their Father by God. Hunger made Esau to sell his birthright to Jacob his brother. Bad policies  bring countries down and make them far lower than other countries that have better policies and applications. Some times the decision we take in life is the reasons why we are where we are and what we are today.  I said some times because you can't rule out SPIRITUAL influences or what people call DESTINY in the happenings in this life matter. Many applied so much efforts to excel in life but remained at the bottom. But, the little efforts some people made may be in the right direction took them to the top. Therefore, there must be a higher being that has the final say. Just my opinion anyway.

Let us go back to our topic, TO RETURN. A foreigner can be enjoying the country of his abode until something happens and he has to return. The Israelites were enjoying Egyptians' cucumber, water melon and the rest until the Pharoah who knew not Joseph their big brother came around. You can be enjoying the cordial relationship with your brothers and sisters in the family until a strong woman is married into that family. And you will know what is called a new government. So, it is in other relationships. Be it nuclear or extended family relationships. Once a person who doesn't like the current status of things is elevated, the way things are will definitely change and you have to return to what it should be. And I pray your return  will make you better than what it used to be. I say welcome to your new and better life situation. You will not regret of this new position, decision to return because God who was aware of the situation of the Israelites in the land of the Egyptians as the result of instullation of a new King is aware of your situation. He permitted the Israelites to return, He is permitting your return. May this be  your land flowing with milk and honey. Welcome to your inheritance. King Ahab  and  Queen Jezebel will not kill you as they killed Norbot.  Welcome to 2022 your year of joy. I urge you not to return to immorality of this present generation, fornication and adultery,  the one my people call 'agiri', abominable life style, and other animalic life of uncivilized that claim to be civilized. Indecent dressing in the name of fashion. Hence, I say, RETURN TO GOD.

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