9 Habits A Man Should Practice On His Woman To Make Her Happy And Loving..

To make your woman happy, submissive, caring, and loving to you, it's important you do the following things:

1) Kiss your woman when she didn't expect it from you. This will make her feel special and wanted.

2) Tell her "I love you" in the middle of the conversation with a smile on your face, she will end up smiling back at you not minding the serious conversation going on.

3) Send her a text message in the middle of the day with a romantic tone just to tell her "I miss you my darling". This will create a fresh thought of you in her heart till the end of the day.

4) When the food is ready, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, insist you will not eat until she comes to sit down and eat the food with you. Is one of the signs that shows she's special to you.

5) Occasionally drop little notes of warm, romantic, and intimate words under her pillow before going to work, on the door of the fridge so she can easily see it, in her handbag, or on her car seat where she didn't imagine to see it. This is to tell her that you always think about her.

6) One of the things your woman expected from you is to help her with house chores even without her asking you to do it for her or with her. This is when she will believe within her heart that yes, you are working as a team with her.

7) Touch or grab or rub her back assets when she is cooking and probably you are alone with her in the kitchen. She doesn't just want you to romance her When you are in the mood for lovemaking, touch her even in the kitchen, in the bathroom even if she's bathing alone. It will be hard for her to ask for all these things but believe me she's expecting them from you.

8) On her birthday, just pretend as if you have forgotten it's her day then give her a surprise in the middle of the day with a gift, especially with something she has been looking for a way to buy for herself. Ladies like surprises especially on her birthday.

9) Occasionally give her mother a phone call just to wish her a good day as her son-in-law. When your wife hears it, she will feel cared for by you because you love her and appreciate her mother because of her. 

Creating, building, or establishing a happy and successful marriage isn't something that's done in one day but a work in progress, and with these tips outlined above, you will make it a reality.

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