8 Ways To Be The Type of Woman a Man Will Be Afraid To Lose..

You may have been wondering how to make your spouse feel loved and accepted in your new relationship or in a long-term partnership that seems to have a trace to Marriage. This write-up will expose you to how to be the greatest partner you can be and how to let your spouse feel the love you have for him or her. You can cause happiness in both of your lives by caring about your partner's all round needs including wants, and desires. You may even develop a positive relationship with your partner with the correct mindset, the one he or she will value.

1) You Should Prioritize yourself.
A whole lot of women put their guy first and foremost in their lives. This is not bad but making yourself a priority is very important as well. Continue to focus on yourself at least for now on looking your best, feeling your best, and prioritizing your needs even as you attend to the needs of your partner. You are just setting yourself up to be taken for granted and walked all over if you worship the person instead of worshipping yourself or making it 50 over 50. He or she is afraid of losing you if you are at your best because he knows how magnetic you are and that other guys will be drawn to you if you leave him, so they have to improve their game to match your standards.

2) Express unconditional love daily. People communicate love in different ways, and understanding how your partner likes to be loved can be helpful to achieve this. Taking the 5 Love Languages test jointly can help you create a stronger bond and gain a better understanding of each other. You can express your love in so many ways other than simply stating "I love you, my sweetheart." After a long day, please offer your spouse a back rub, cook him a lovely dinner, and listen to his ideas and feelings while romantically laying down on his chest. There are different plethora ways to show your partner that you care in order for him or her to feel appreciated, loved, and supported.

3) Know Yourself Worth. Have faith and confidence in yourself as a woman. You need to be self-assured enough to realize that you don't have to be anything less to keep a man in your life. True gentlemen do not seek to bring you down for any reason, but they seek to meet you where you are and even plan to Excel with you in life. Keep in mind that you are really important to yourself even if no one else takes you to be important. Have confidence in yourself. You should be someone you can rely on for anything. Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone treat you badly or less than what you deserve. When you understand your worth in life, in a relationship, or in Marriage, you will realize that any man who has you is fortunate. No matter how flawed you are, you will not allow someone to treat you less than what you deserve. Know what you are worth and don't settle for anything less than that.

4) Be Open And Honest To Yourself And Others. Any good friendship necessitates honesty which leads to trust. Be honest about your sentiments if you want to develop healthy communication with your spouse. Honesty entails more than just not lying even as we know that lies have no future. It's standing up for yourself when something isn't right and you confidently stand up to disassociate yourself from it. It's telling him when and why you are insecure. It's telling him everything about yourself and your relationship with him. Try these strategies if you are having trouble with your confidence and sharing your opinions and feelings with your partner. Being honest with your spouse can help them understand who you are and what you value.

5) Be Respectful And Responsible. As a woman with integrity, you must constantly respect your man in any situation or position you find yourself in, including his family, company, and coworkers. That will encourage him to take you out with him on a regular basis so that his friends and family may see that you are a respectful woman, therefore as a woman, always respect everything that concerns him but at home and in public places.

6) Add Value To a Relationship Or Marriage By Bringing Something To The Table. No rational man wants a woman who is constantly demanding and rarely contributes to the welfare of the Marriage or relationship. While a man may be with you wholeheartedly because he loves you, that is not always enough to fold your hands and become a liability to him. Men are attracted to women who offer something to the relationship or Marriage, women who contribute value to their lives in so many ways, such as providing helpful counsel especially when he's emotionally drained, making job ideas with him or for him, or having a wonderful sense of humor that makes him happy anytime he's with you.

7) Use your walking power. Walking power is a concept that can be used to describe a mindset that allows you to walk away from a situation if it is not working for you. You don't do it in a troubled manner, and you don't make an ultimatum out of it too. It's a belief you hold in your mind. It's an attitude that says, "I'm perfectly happy walking away if this guy doesn't treat me the way I deserve to be treated in this relationship if this relationship is not what I want." This is a very different mindset than most women, who cling to their man for dear life and do anything to keep the relationship going because they are afraid of losing him.

8) Set boundaries. Confidential people set boundaries, and if those boundaries are crossed by anyone, there are repercussions for it. And, as I previously said, if you are a self-assured lady, he will be frightened of losing you to another man. You will not accept last-minute dates from him if one of your boundaries is that you don't want him putting them up. If he says he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, tell him you are not interested. He will not allow you to go if he truly loves you. Set high standards for yourself and don't accept anything less than what you deserve.
Make yourself emotionally irresistible to men.

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