When people argue about cheating in a relationship or marriage, it makes me laugh and at the same time think if they truly know what it means to be in love.

After careful analysis of this challenge facing marriage or relationships, I have come to understand that people marry mainly for societal reasons.

Everywhere I turned to, there is a cheating discussion going on amongst the Married or those in a serious relationship with their significant other                                                                                             
So many women are scared that men will cheat forever and this has made them conclude that all men cheat. Men, on the other hand, are trying to defend themselves by showing that women cheat too and even cheat more than men. I mean, there is even some sort of battle as to who cheats more in relationships and marriage between men and women. It has gotten to that extent.

Cheating is almost no longer an exception and this has in many years destroyed happy marriages, it is now seen as a norm in any society. People are likely to be more shocked, surprised, or see you as an outdated individual when you don't cheat than when you do. That sadly is the norm today.

Then, why do you have to go through the stress of marriage when you know you want to be an eternal player against someone that has genuinely loved you? I believe one of the most important things in a relationship is maturity, love, faithfulness, loyalty, and submission.

What we don't understand is why you would get hitched to someone whom you have on many occasions in your life professed love to him or her and still continue playing with the opposite gender?

What so many people don't understand about love and marriage is that getting married simply and automatically MEANS you forsake all beautiful, greatly endowed, young and old of the opposite gender, for one whom you cleave to.

A whole lot of people don't understand that clause. That is why I advocate for people to live on the edge and explore life well before they go for marriage and even if you want to get married at an early age, be sure of what you are going for to avoid being a player and destroying your marriage.

Who you marry SHOULD be your final choice of spouse; I mean the person you think fits you BEST in the whole world when it comes to marriage.

This is simply how I see it. Given the entire resources in the world, if I could get married to whoever I wanted to have met them and evaluated their characters and how it fit me, who would be the person? If for a moment I thought the daughter of a Senator or a Tennis star or a movie star in Hollywood would be best for me, believe me, I would definitely GET HER in as much she's my choice of spouse.

What I am implying is this: The person you marry should be totally 100% your first choice and your overall choice and your only choice to the extent that you will not admire someone else tomorrow because of either any of her endowments, or physical figure, or attractive and charming appearance. Even if you were offered every single damned person in this world, you would still come back and marry the person.

You should be 100 percent convinced in your heart, mind, and soul that this is mine to keep forever. If you are not convinced, if you have lingering doubts, pause and keep watching. When your heart finds that which it was made for, your entire being would be in alignment.

I am not saying you will feel emotionally stronger about them every time, no. But even in times of quarrel, unexpected misunderstanding, and disagreement you will still have that peace of mind that they belong to you forever, they ain't going nowhere.

It is said that a man is only really sure of two things in life:
1) That his mother loves him.
2) That he loves his wife.

If I am not sure I am in love, why on earth will I get married or keep pretending to someone who has loved me with his or her heart that I love her when I never loved her? Hurried marriages are today the end of people's happiness in life. This is one of the reasons why you Should not hurry to get married.

I may be really selfish with my marriage decision because I don't want to be in an unhappy marriage. I don't care if I marry at the age of 30 or 45. As long as I marry the right person, I am satisfied because that will determine the happiness of my marriage. When you know you have the world you want in the lifestyle of your partner and in your Marriage in general, cheating will become a boring activity for you.

When you are emotionally subscribed to someone, it becomes a chore to do these things outside matrimony.

The problem is that so many people marry the wrong person 95% of the time thinking that they will easily remold the person to become their choice of spouse in marriage. Marriage doesn't change people but is people that change Marriage.

One of the most difficult things to do is knowing the right person for you to marry. The best way to know the right person to marry is when you are spiritually, emotionally, mentally relaxed, and peaceful with the person you always admired, until you have these feelings, you are not meant for each other. But I assure you, once you know someone is right for you, chase them with all you have got for the person to be yours unless the person is already married to someone else. Leave pride and prestige in the gutter and go after your heart.

If you see your dream man or woman who is compatible in most areas as stated above for the right spouse, actively do what you need to do to secure them in your life. A good, happy, successful marriage is worth more than pride so go for it.

Dear friends, people should go and learn about marriage before getting married to avoid a marital crisis. Cheating is an old-fashioned lifestyle and the trend now is faithfulness. I don't see how a man or woman who is married to the woman or man of their desire will have the time and mental energy to go after the opposite gender for lovemaking or intimacy.

If you think a woman of dreams means the fine face and big endowments front and backside, or man of dreams mean beards, shoulders, suit, and a rich man, you didn't get the memo. Many of you just want to marry a fine girl or a rich man and I assure you, that is the beginning of your marital problems.

If the most captivating thing about your spouse is what the person physically has for you to enjoy in the bedroom, you have already started losing it. If you are asked to list what you love most about your girlfriend or boyfriend and you include big buttocks and money or skin color, you don't know what is right for you yet. You should go and learn about the institution of marriage.

You go to school for 4 years plus and read hundreds of books to learn a discipline or a particular profession but you want to get married without knowing anything about marriage and you expect it to work? Marriage as an institution is very broad and you are not expected to know everything about it in one year. Sincerely one of my biggest knowledge banks is on the subject of love, the marital institution, and family responsibility.

I will have a very successful marriage not because I prayed for it but because by the grace of God, I am prepared thoroughly for it. The question is, are you ready for MARRIAGE?
Not wedding, but MARRIAGE?

I know you have plans for your wedding but have you thought about what happens after the ceremony marriage which is a wedding?

It amazes me that people use 6 months to plan for the events of the wedding which is just 1 day and then they have absolutely no clue of what happens after the wedding. What have you put in place for your marriage to work? By the time you enter an unprepared marriage, cheating will be the least of your problems. Prepare for this thing dear friends.
Please prepare. You can't afford to get married to someone that doesn't deserve you.

Forget about money. beauty. Forget about every superficial quality. Learn and prepare for the next phase of your life in marriage.

If you marry right, cheating will not be a fear.
You automatically know your spouse would rather have just one of your toes than any other person in this world!

Love, Trust, and Understanding are very important for the success of your marriage.

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