Friday, November 19, 2021

One Of The Major Things You Need To Do To Make Your Marriage Happy And Successful

Marital bliss isn't a function of too much knowledge, but too much application.
What makes a marriage work is the ability of the two spouses to DO the needful, not just KNOW the needful.
It's like the biblical verse that says: "Blessed are the doers of the word, not just the hearers".
In marriage, what a spouse knows isn't as important as what they do with that knowledge in their marriage.
Doing is the "main thing of the matter." 
To have a marriage work, one doesn't require to know everything. Nobody is ever expected to know everything about marriage or will ever know everything about marriage.
All that is required is to put to work the little one knows about marriage, and voila, marriage will work out well.
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Over the years, as a counselor and marriage coach, I have taken the pain to simplify marriage.
Honestly speaking, marriage is simple.
Simple and easy? Yes, you heard me right!
However, our collective challenge is our anti-marriage personalities.
Most of us have very complex, complicated, and nasty personalities.
Most people are:
And lots more.
Fine, marriage isn't a union of perfect human beings. However, it's sure not the place for the nasty.
Personality matters a lot in marriage and in life.
We all have to work on ourselves!
In Joshua 1:7-9, when the children of Israel were about to conquer Jericho, the word of the Lord that Joshua received was: "BE COURAGEOUS... "
Please notice that God kept empathizing on the need to BEING first above anything else. He wanted them to understand that whatever one BECOMES on the inside is exactly what they will do on the outside. Our inner man will power out actions.
No marriage will ever be better than the personalities of the two spouses in that union. In fact, marriage is nothing but a direct reflection of who the two spouses are.
The big question is:
Who are you?

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