The Major Things You Need To Do To Make Your Marriage Happy And Successful..

Marital bliss is not just a function of too much knowledge or experience about marriage, but too much application of the habits and attributes of a successful marriage.
One of the things that makes a marriage work is the ability of the two spouses to DO the needful, not just KNOW the needful without applying it in their marriage.

It's like the biblical verse that says: "Blessed are the doers of the word, not just the hearers of the word".
In marriage, what a spouse knows is not as important as what they do with that knowledge in their marriage to make it happy and successful.
Doing the right that can bring happiness and joy into your marriage is the "main thing of the matter." 
To have a marriage that works, you don't need to know everything at the time. Nobody is ever expected to know everything about marriage or will ever know everything about marriage at once whether married or single but you are expected to keep on learning new things about marriage.
All that is required is to put to work the little you know about marriage while learning new things, and voila, marriage will work out well for you.
Over the years, as a marriage and relationship counselor or therapist, I have taken the pain to simplify marriage to the best understanding of many single and married people.
Frankly speaking, marriage is simple and even sweeter than you may have imagined, or have heard.
Simple and easy? Yes, you heard me right!
However, our collective challenge is our anti-marriage personalities, and these lead to the misunderstanding of what marriage truly is.
Most of us have very complex, complicated, and nasty personalities but still expect to have a successful marriage.
Most people are:
And lots more forgetting that all these things will negatively affect their marriage, if you don't remove these things in your life, you will hardly experience a joyous and happy marriage because they are all anti-marriage attributes.

Fine, marriage is never a union of perfect human beings that wants to be extremely perfect, neither is marriage the place for the nasty people that don't want to make wrong things right.
Personality matters a lot in marriage and in the life of anyone, who who wants to be successful.
We all have to work on ourselves if truly we want to be happy in our marriage because nobody is born perfect!

In the book of Joshua 1:7-9, the bible says that when the children of Israel were about to conquer Jericho, the word of the Lord that Joshua received was: "BE COURAGEOUS... "
Please notice that God kept empathizing with the need to BEING first above anything else. He wanted them to understand that whatever one BECOMES on the inside is exactly what they will do on the outside that other people are seeing and acknowledging them. Our inner being will power out actions to the outer man.

No marriage will ever be better than the personalities of the two spouses in that union because you can't give what you don't have in you. Marriage is nothing but a direct reflection of who the two spouses are on the inside of them.
The big question is:
Who are you and how do you intend to make your marriage happy and successful?


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