9 Things You Should Consider Before You Think Of Going Back To Your Ex Lover.

No relationship or marriage had ever ended or broken up with a happy goodbye to each other. And before there was a breakup there was a heated argument, disagreement misunderstanding, or even maltreatment against one person in the union. This disagreement or misunderstanding or maltreatment now created emotional wounds that were heavy and difficult to heal and that's what then now leads to break up.

Before you think about going back to your ex-lover after a breakup or divorce, kindly think about these things;

1) Do I truly still love my ex or am I afraid of not meeting someone better if I move on with my life?

2) Does my ex still love me or am I just forcing myself on my ex-lover? My ex wouldn't have allowed us to break up if he truly loved me the way I love him or her.

3) Did he accept his faults, errors, maltreatment, and abuse? 

4) Since he didn't apologize for what he did, that means he will not value me if I go back to him for a reunion.

5) Is he still single after our breakup, for him to move on with another lady or for her to move on with another guy it simply means he knows what he's doing and the break up was a game plan.

6) He said he loves me but after our breakup, I haven't seen his call or message either to apologize or to tell me romantically that he is missing me and he's ready for reunion.

7) He has already told our friends that our break up was all my fault, he makes it look like I am not good for relationships or Marriage. Is this not scandalous?

8) Will your ex not play with your heart because you came back to him after being treated badly which leads to the break you had with him?

9) Am I truly still in love with my ex or is this infatuation or am lusting after my ex because of the love we made in the past when we were dating? You need to be very sure that you are truly thinking about your ex simply because you still love him or her and not because you are missing his or her lovemaking style. You have to truly be sure.

Is not a crime to reunite with your ex-lover but you have to be sure that what you are perceiving is love and not lust or infatuation.

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