17 Reasons Why You Find It Hard To Believe In True Love And Here Is How To Resolve It..

Are you amongst those who say or believe that true love doesn't exist? Your reason may be because you have had a series of broken hearts in a different relationship after sacrificing a lot or all you have just to make sure that the relationship is meaningful and successful but all you were rewarded was heartbreak?

Are you amongst those who have concluded that love is wicked, or that love is blind, or that love doesn't exist at all? In this post, you will discover the actual reason why you find it hard to believe in true love, and also how to fix that emotional challenge and start enjoying your marriage or relationship.
Those things are;

1) Many don't know what love truly means. They grew up without love from those around them, they don't love themselves simply because of circumstances life posed against them and those around them couldn't help them to ameliorate their circumstances.
2) Many who believe in true love end up getting married to someone who doesn't believe in true love, thus corrupting their view of love.

3) So Many equate love to lovemaking and flirting with the opposite gender, thus missing the depth of what love truly is all about.
4) Many marry for the wrong reasons and when that reason has been delayed by nature or circumstances or frustrated, their marital life becomes difficult to sustain and grow.

5) A whole lot of people lack patience and are quitters, many don't know how to consistently nurture love because love can't grow where there is infidelity, backbiting, lack of intimacy, lack of communication, lack of affirmation, lack of unity, and romance. One of your responsibility in your marriage is to nurture your love for each other, else you may begin to believe that there's nothing like true love.

6) Ego is keeping many from apologizing or owning up to the responsibility to love their spouse. If you don't kill this marriage killer, it will destroy your marriage right under your nose.
7) Many are self-centered, looking at what is in it for them before they can willingly make up their minds to love their spouse. There is rarely mutual sacrifice from such a person because he or she has already calculated his gain and loss before deciding to sacrifice for the good of the relationship or marriage. This is really ridiculous.

8) Many thoughts that love is just about feelings, yes love is more than feelings. Love is largely a decision, thoughts, emotions, affection, and belief. You chose to love, especially during storms in your marriage or relationship.

9) Many of us don't know how to be friends with our spouses and this is one of the vital parts of what can make your marriage or relationship work. Marriage is not so much about romance, but about friendship. Remember you can't romance your spouse if you guys are not freely connected to each other.
As Michael Bolton sang, "How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?" Is that possible? Love can't do without friendship.

10) Most relationship advice is focused on breaking up rather than addressing the main issues and their root causes. Fix the issues that are draining true love in your marriage or relationship instead of thinking about a breakup. Address it now or break up and face it in another relationship.
(If you think is hard for you to deal with, contact me using the contact form and start enjoying your spouse)

11) Many when they are hurt or perceive hurt, their first instinct is to run out of the union or become defensive against their spouse; rather than confronting the matter, finding a better way to resolve it and start enjoying your partner's love side.
12) Many people are surrounded by friends who don't believe in true love thereby misleading them not to believe in the existence of true love as well.

13) Many are surrounded by news of love stories that have gone bad, and many of these stories are where one spouse is maltreated, or the person's love for their spouse wasn't reciprocated so they thought that's how true love will be for everyone but rarely will you read stories of couples who are growing in love. Negative news spreads faster than positive ones and people also tend to grab the negative news instead of the positive news. The human ear is itching to hear and spread gossip and destruction instead of a solution to their challenges.

14) Many had people who gave up on them and in turn, they quickly gave up on every other person around them with the same mindset they were treated within their previous relationship or marriage.
15) Many had a messy dating scene before they got married and in marriage, they have the same casual mindset of one foot in, one foot out. If you are in this specific category, you have to retreat because this will hurt you more than you expected, and believe me it will terminate the little love you already built in your marriage.

16) Many are lazy and would rather look for an excuse to quit or maintain the status quo, rather than work things out, confront the challenge by providing a solution for it. Find a way around it and resolve it.

17) Many are quick to see the faults in their spouse but ignore their own faults. Do you still remember that nobody is perfect and that the imperfections of your spouse are what makes you perfect? Where your spouse is not doing well happens to be where you are doing well and you think you are perfect? You are not.

The fact remains that true love exists and is powerful and sweet and if you can consider what is listed in this article you will from today start enjoying your marriage or relationship.

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