17 Mobile Phone Etiquette For Happy And Successful Marriage..

1) When you miss your spouse, call him or her and say, "I miss you my love" It means nothing if you don't do anything about it but that is not how to build a good marriage.

2) Sometimes what your spouse wants is not even an hour-long phone conversation from you but one or a few minutes of phone call is enough to brighten up your spouse's day and give him or her unspeakable joy.

3) If both of you are in a long-distance relationship, don't ignore or stop calling your lover; especially if phone calls are the only way to connect, communicate and feel loved.

4) Don't always text and chat thinking that's enough for being romantic. Sometimes make that phone call to be more intimate than just talking on the phone.

5) Don't attack your spouse with words such as "Where have you been that you are not picking up my calls? The phone call rang for a while but you refused to pick it up? What have you been doing that you are avoiding my calls?" It makes your spouse defensive at the onset and communicates you are quick to suspect your spouse of infidelity simply for picking up the call seconds late. Avoid doing this and save your marriage.

6) If you see your spouse's missed calls, return them as timely as possible. It shows you care and have been thinking about the love you have for each other.

7) Don't order your spouse to give his or her phone to the person near them just to confirm if what they are saying is true. It is demeaning and also a sign of distrust, and one Major killer of marriage and relationships is distrust.

8) Start phone calls warmly and end it warmly as well. It makes your spouse enjoy talking to you and will always wish to talk with you anytime you are away from home.

9) Before you tell your spouse what you called him or her for, find out how he or she is doing at the moment. It shows caring, loving, romantic, and responsible. Don't just go straight to say, "Send me money for fuel, I need it now, I am stuck". It sounds as if you are having a misunderstanding with your spouse, and it can bring unimaginable heartbreak to that person.

10) Don't make it a habit to always walk away from your spouse when speaking to someone else over the phone. Your spouse might think you are hiding something. A sweet and peaceful marriage has nothing to do with secrecy. Even if the discussion doesn't concern her, feel free to discuss it in her presence.

11) Don't be harsh when talking to your spouse over the phone for any reason, especially when he or she is in public. It will make your spouse avoid picking up your calls just to avoid the embarrassment that may come from you.

12) Sometimes video call your spouse, to show your spouse you wanted to see his or her smile and to share a moment together. True lovers are not tired of seeing each other's faces multiple times a day.

13) Don't hang up calls on your spouse, even if you guys are having a heated argument. It sends a signal of disrespect to your spouse. If the both of you are having a not-so-pleasant conversation over the phone, you can say "Hold on, I don't think this conversation is going well. I love you goodbye. Kindly allow me to end the call, we will talk later please okay". That thoughtful ending alone will help you to solve the issue maturely as a responsible individual.

14) Let it not be that your spouse can hear you enjoying talking to another person on phone calls but you rarely call him or her or when you do, it lacks warmth moments and romance.

15) Let your phone conversations have warmth and irresistible moments, the right tone, humor, interesting topics, courtesy, and appreciation for each other. With this, you and your lover will look forward to phone connections another day.

16) Remember that communication is not just about how many times you call each other on the phone, but the quality of those phone calls is what matters. This simply means that you should always discuss something to remember.

17) Remember you and your sweetheart are blessed to have mobile phones and technology to connect with each other no matter the distance. Many people in the past didn't have this privilege with their loved ones; make good use of it by allowing it to add value to your marriage life.

Be smart with your smartphone, don't misuse or miss the value it will add to your marriage or relationship.

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