13 Reasons Why Your Marriage Need A Visions..

1) A vision will remind you and your spouse the reason why you got married to each other. But the surprising thing is that it is easy to forget as life's issues occur but visiting it at least once a month will help you to accomplish it.

2) A vision will give you the reason to be faithful to your spouse. Vision will inspire your loyalty, submissiveness, love, and support for each other.

3) A vision will keep your marriage strong during storms, remember storms are inevitable in life and marriage or relationship is not an exception. You will be reminded your marriage is bigger than the problem faced by you and your spouse.

4) A vision gives your marriage emotional directions you need, preventing you from wasting time talking or arguing unnecessarily with your spouse.

5) A vision keeps you from wasting resources and finances that you should have used to maintain your marriage. A successful marriage requires maintenance, you should know where to channel your energy and effort for the happiness of your marriage.

6) A vision builds unity, brings one mind and makes you guys more of oneness to yourselves.

7) A vision helps you and your lover to know your role in making the marriage work, thus fostering teamwork because no marriage will be happy and successful or have good intimacy without teamwork. Teamwork is one of the life wires that makes marriage work and a good vision will help you to achieve it.

8) A vision makes you appreciate each other more, value yourselves, support yourselves, and be committed to making your marriage work, it reminds you that you need each other side by side every day till death separates you from each other.

9) A vision helps you choose the right friends who have the same mindset for making their marriage a happy one and not someone that would be against your marriage or against your spouse.

10) A vision reminds you that your marriage is not your parent's marriage and hence your parents or in-laws should not dictate the path your marriage should take and decisions you both make matter and as well determine how far and successful your marriage will be in the future.

11) A vision helps you guys to monitor progress, you can review how much of your vision you are realizing after one year, then think if you need to remove some part of it or to improve in a particular aspect, for example; romance, caring, intimacy, loving, lovemaking, etc.

12) A vision leads you and your partner to win together and in case you counter any challenges, you would be able to face them together and come out victoriously.

13) A vision gives your marriage an identity tied to both your uniqueness because both of you are playing a role in articulating and shaping what that vision is.

Without vision you can't review your performance and achievement in your marriage or relationship.

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