Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The List Of The Things That Can Mess Up Your Mental Health

FEAR: When you live life expecting the worst to happen, thinking everyone is against you, worried about every detail, doubting you are good enough... your quality of life will be reduced.

CATASTROPHIC: Don't always assume the worst outcomes for everything and that nothing good will ever happen to you. This could you in a negative vortex and begin to cause you major anxiety.

OVERTHINKING: This is where thoughts about the same issue keep going through your mind over and over again. The more you think of that situation, the worse the scenario becomes and the worse your mind makes it. This is not helpful to you.

                Anatomy of the Brain: Structures and Their Function

LACK OF REST: The body needs sufficient rest to rejuvenate. Lack of sleep makes you lethargic and irritable.

IGNORING RED FLAGS: When you see a red light and you walk/drive straight into traffic, an accident is bound to happen. Do not ignore warning signs cautioning you against a relationship, project, health, or lifestyle.

WRONG RELATIONSHIPS: Do not allow anyone to be a source of your tears, pain, bitterness, and anger. They are not worth it.

IGNORANCE: Ignorance is NOT bliss. When you are in the dark, you will easily assume the worst; step into the light of knowledge. Know things. People who know more, relax more. Know more about yourself so that you are not determined by circumstances. Know more about your body and health so that you don't panic. Know more about parenthood so that raising children doesn't stress you. Know more about crisis management so that challenges don't scare you. Ignorance will lead to worry.

UNFORGIVENESS: Whoever did wrong to you in the past shouldn't mess up your today. Unforgiveness leads to bitterness, it will fog your mind keeping you from seeing many wonderful things in life because you are fixated on the wrongs done to you. Unforgiveness will make you seek revenge, keep you following up to see if those who hurt you are punished by the universe, it will keep you from seeing the good in innocent people because you are mad at the guilty. What a stressful life

OBSESSION: With obsession comes control. When you are obsessed with someone you begin to control them instead of loving them. When you are obsessed with money, you make it your source of meaning. When you are obsessed with how things should be, you will want to manipulate the outcomes and so when things don't go your way, your mind will lose it. Life is not about control but influence and management. You influence people with love, and sometimes, in fact, many times, things will not go your way. Manage surprise and curveballs.

OVERDEPENDENCY: When you live for people's validation, you will feel useless when they insult you or don't acknowledge you, or appreciate you. When you feel incapable of making choices and always need someone to hold your hand, it will dent your mind when people let you down. Work on your identity so that you don't depend on people to tell you who you are.

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