Unveiling the Invisible Threats to a Thriving Marriage: Navigating Confusion, Priorities, and Vision..

Overcoming Challenges in Marriage: Navigating Confusion, Priorities, and Building a Strong Vision for Lasting Love. 

1) Turning too many people for marital advice thereby becoming confused
2) Treating visitors more warmly than family members, making family members feel unfairly treated
3) Respecting the Pastor, Bishops, celebrities, and public figures more than they treat their spouse

4) Praising other children more than their children; speaking harshly to their children while speaking with a loving tone to other children
5) Working so hard for the family yet forgetting to spend quality time with the family they are working hard for.

6) Comparing themselves with other families and thus putting pressure to compete
7) Going through life without a vision for their marriage the marriage becomes a victim of circumstances instead of a force that shapes circumstances. 

8) Want God to bless their marriage yet the two choose not to love God's way
9) Getting into debt, living a lifestyle they can't afford; thus bringing financial strain and digging the family into a hole.
10) Looking at marriage as a competition between a man and a woman instead of a lifetime partnership
11) Being impatient with their marriage yet healing, love, progress, and nurturing takes time
12) Failing to invest time, effort, communication, affection, and honesty in their marriage yet expecting a strong union
13) Failing to put their marriage above in-laws and friends thus attracting outside interference.

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