Exactly 15 years ago, my soulmate and I made a pledge before God and man to do life together.

When I read stories of bad marriages, I can’t help but be grateful to God for leading me in the right direction even though I was a complete novice in love and relationship matters when I chose to be with him.
We started dating in 1998, I was just 17 while he was 20. What we were doing in a relationship at that tender age, I don’t know. The funny part is that guy already made his intentions known at that time that he was going to marry me.
Everything was fine until I got admission into the university. I was in far away Zaria while he was in Kogi state. 

Distance began taking its toll on the relationship. Countless suitors came and were ready to wife yours sincerely immediately, while my boo was still a struggling Corper man.
Amidst the confusion, I broke up with him severally yet he was always ready to accept me back whenever I was back to my senses. His love for me remained steadfast.
Fast forward to October 14, 2006, we got married. Ours was like a carnival. Friends and foes who didn’t believe that the childish stuff we were into would lead to something meaningful were all there to celebrate with us. Our parents were happy to no end.

After 15 years, I’m glad I chose him. Our marriage like every other isn’t perfect, it isn’t bereft of highs and lows, but we have peace.
This man has never lifted a finger on me in all the years I’ve known him and in our marriage. What am I even saying? He doesn’t raise a voice at me. A gentleman to the core who has made countless sacrifices for me and our kids.
I am no marriage counselor, but please whenever you decide to choose a life partner, look out for kindness. A man with a kind heart would never hurt you no matter the provocation. Even those times the love wanes as it sometimes does in most marriages, kindness will keep the marriage sailing. That is who I have in Adk.
Despite going into this institution early, I’m thankful for the level of maturity God bestowed on us. We’ve never had cause to take any misunderstandings with our parents or family members. No one has settled us ever before. No one!
Do we quarrel? A gazillion times!
But no one hears it. We bone each other for a few days and settle ourselves. Dazzle
I’m thankful for fifteen years of friendship.
Fifteen years of being in each other’s spaces.
Fifteen years of raising our home and God’s precious gifts to us together.
Fifteen years of making huge sacrifices for each other.
Fifteen years of constant quarrels and bickering.
Fifteen years of keeping malice and making up.
Fifteen years of annoying each other to no end.
Fifteen years of being my most dependable ATM.
Fifteen years of being the Chairman of my local government.
Thank you Adk, my numero uńo, for loving me, warts and all.
Thank you for giving me the freedom to be me, to do the things I love to do.
I will do it again with you if given the chance.
Happy anniversary to us!

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