Love can happen anywhere and anyhow. Not everyone who got married had a short-distance relationship experience. Many had a long-distance relationship.
Whether we like it or not, a distance relationship is a life mainstay because of the many uncontrollable and unforeseen factors of life. While some are succeeding at it, others are not. 

A distance relationship is as same as a short distance relationship except that the two lovers don't see often in person.
At this juncture, I would also like to say that a distance relationship is not for everybody because it requires an EXTRA EFFORT. People who can't and won't be willing and ready to give it that extra effort shouldn't enter it in the first place.

Therefore, today I write to educate you on the dynamics of a distance relationship.
1) You won't see often: One characteristic of a distance relationship is the "non-physical presence" factor. This can span from a week to a year or even years. Therefore don't expect to see them often. However, make yourselves available as often as the opportunity presents itself.

2) Greater understanding is required: Sometimes some issues may arise. For example, a scheduled visit or date may be rescheduled or even canceled. And this could hit you hard like a sledgehammer. But you must understand with the other partner.
3) Greater patience is required: Long distance relationship requires a great deal of patience from both lovers. And those who lack it shouldn't enter it in the first place.
4) Communicate often: You can't enter into a distance relationship and would not be willing to communicate often or at all with your lover. You must communicate not just often but for a long period. You can't be away from your lover for like a week or a month and when you eventually call them through the phone you will just ask how they are doing in one minute and drop the phone. Please chat, chat, and chat. You could talk for minutes why not? Are you not your lover? Communication helps distance relationships immeasurably.

5) Discuss your future marital plans more: Since you don't see them often, whenever you're chatting, discuss more your future marital plans because that will reiterate your sincerity of purpose and commitment to them.

6) Be committed and faithful to them: Your lover may not be around you on insight, this doesn't and mustn't encourage insincerity and cheating. Double dating is not part of the deal.

7) Wishes, encouragements, and prayers are required: Whenever you're chatting, ask or find out about their well-being, health, career/job, business, etc. Should there be a challenge somewhere, wish them well, encourage them, and pray with/for them.

8) It shouldn't be too long: No distance relationship should be too long. Please prayerfully trust God for provision to marry as soon as you can.
As you can see from the highlighted points, not everyone will fare well in a distance relationship because of its demands. 

If you know you can't give it what it requires, please don't enter it.

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