12 Ways To Have Effective Communication With Your Partner..

To effectively communicate with your husband or wife, your conversation should have the following characteristics.

1) Romantic Inviting Tone. You guys should invite each other for discussion by asking a pleasant question such as; "How was your day How was your sleep last night?," complement each other with a hug or kiss, call each other by a romantic name such as "My love, My Pride," be welcoming to your spouse before the discussion starts.


2) Give Listening Ear Than Talking. Remember the conversation is not just about your interest or needs. Both of you should give each other time to give an opinion, the conversation should not be dominated by anyone, and everyone's voice should be heard.

3) Ask Caring Questions, Not Interrogative Questions. Questions keep the conversations alive and going. As you ask questions about where you are affected or concerned, be sure you are not coming off as abusive, interrogative, suspicious, or condescending but that you genuinely want to know more out of care and the concern you have for your spouse.

4) Give Thoughtful Answers, Not Harsh Answers. If your spouse asks you a question, don't give a rude answer with words such as "How many times do I need to tell you this same thing,? "How dumb can you be that you can't remember what I said a few minutes ago?," Or by saying "What kind of a question is that you are asking me?" Harsh answers will shame your spouse and ruin your marriage.

5) Avoid Assumptions. As you talk with your partner, come with an open-mindedness hoping to receive a positive answer, don't talk with pre-conceived conclusions that will stop you from hearing your spouse's points of view.

6) Don't Be Judgmental. Don't judge your sweetheart based on gender, his or her educational level, financial status, family background, or tribe, or by saying something such as; "People like you don't understand it."

7) No Fear Or Judgement. Assure your spouse that both of you will talk about anything no matter how difficult that thing may be, and you will not overreact negatively to it. This way, your spouse will feel comfortable to open up and discuss anything with you.

8) Use Courageous And Appreciative Words. Use words like "Thank you for my heartbeat," "Please can you assist me to do this," and "Please what are your thoughts about these things?" "Sorry for making you feel this way, it wasn't intentional." This will make your spouse feel respected and valued. People keep returning to conversations where they are wanted, respected, and valued.

9) Give a Good Humor. Humor makes the conversations enjoyable and keeps you and your partner from taking things too personally. Being comfortable with each other while the discussion is on, smiling, and playing with each other while the conversation is on, is very important for healthy communication.

10) Don't Bring Up Old And Past Issues. Don't keep taking one step forward and two steps back by bringing past issues into present conversations because this will bring misunderstanding and malice into the communication, it is also mental and emotionally draining. Learn to bring things to closure whenever you talk about issues instead of leaving them hanging till another day.

11) No Insults Or Talking Down At Your Spouse. Do not insult or abuse yourselves. Be mature and handle the conversation with a mature attitude. Keep it polite. It's called love, not a boxing match.

12) Always Be patient with Each Other. Do not rush your spouse in conversations simply because you have something to say regarding the same issue or because you are going somewhere important. Study your spouse's pace. Don't discuss anything in a hurry just to achieve a selfish goal, quality communication requires 2 people to achieve it.


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