11 Habits To Cultivate In Your Single Years While Waiting For A Life Partner..

The single years can be fun and productive as well, but in some cultures, the stigma that arises when you start getting close to a certain age can become discouraging.

Can you make your single years transformational, Successful, and fruitful before settling down in marriage? These are some tips to help you achieve it:

1) Cultivate the habit of giving more than you receive. This is the best time to start practicing how to be generous in life. When you get married, you will have to share your life with your husband or wife and if you have always felt that people were invading your privacy, this is the best time to start practicing a generous lifestyle. While still single, learn to Smile more, show more courtesy, give out some things that you don’t need to those who need them, and volunteer your time to serve the community.

2) Start working on things that challenge your self-worth and responsibility. Do you have issues with being confident? This is the best time to seek therapy on that so it will not affect your marriage. Do you feel you are not tall or beautiful enough to the extent of thinking that you are not good enough for marriage? This is the best time to start seeing yourself in a positive way. Take time to evaluate what makes you feel less and start appreciating who God created you to be.
In marriage, you will not want your spouse to be the source of your happiness and joy because sometimes you will need to learn to enjoy yourself alone. Nobody can make you complete so start learning to love yourself now that you are still single.

3) Learn to manage your finances well. If you spend without a good budget, plan, or savings then you need to learn how to manage your finances. You can start saving and investing now because that's of preparing for marriage. There are good apps that you can save and invest in and also learn more about business opportunities and development.

4) Learn to manage your crisis without involving outsiders. If you can not make your home to order, then start learning how to do it now without the intervention of another person doing it for you. Learn to clean every corner of your home and practice good and healthy hygiene because health is wealth.

5) Cultivate a praying habit. Marriage has its own battlefield and you will not want to go into marriage with an entitlement mentality. You need to start praying for yourself, for your spouse, and for children even though you are still single. Learn to build a relationship with God in your single years so that you don’t build your world around your spouse alone while God is supposed to be first in your life.

6) This is time to work on your insecurtheyies before they affect your marriage. There are people who will get married and try to control or manipulate their spouse because they have trust issues. This is time to stop projecting your fears onto your partner, is normal to be jealous but too much of it can negatively affect your marriage. Seek therapy and help from counselors. It usually stems from your past experiences and it is better to seek healing before you settle down with your spouse.

7) Let go of pride and accept humility. If you having pride issues, this is the time to start seeking professional advice. Pride can kill the beauty of your marriage. Don’t assume that your excesses will be managed or will be accepted by your spouse. Pride comes before a failed marriage.

8) Practice purity, selflessness and self-control. If you think marriage will help you to stop cheating and start being faithful, that’s not true. If your partner offends you, you will still find it easy to cheat. Self-control is important in our lives because you will not be making love with a stranger.

9) Start learning at least a little act of commitment. Marriage works because of two committed people who are committed to making their marriage work. Commitment should be practiced even when things are not working the way you want it to be. It starts with your thoughts and then goes down to your decisions.

10) Travel to a new place and meet with associate people. One of the most beautiful things you can do in your while you are still single is to go to new places and try new things with new people. if you cannot afford to visit a different country in your continent, try traveling to another state for tourism and meet new people.

11) Invest in your personal development. You should also use this period to read bfooks about marriage and intimacy, add to your knowledge about how to have a blessed, happy, and joyous successful marriage. Invest in yourself, and attend seminars about business. I can’t emphasize this this enough.

A lot of singles find it difficult to invest in their emotional life and it can be frustrating at the end of the day when they get married. Save yourself the stress of being hurt and clueless now that you are still single.

Learn and relearn again. Learn about your personality types, your personal values, your ideal breaker, the best communication tips, love and apology languages you should use in marriage, and so many other things that you can do before getting married.

Which of these habits do you want to start doing?

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