Marriage And Relationship Guides For Singles..

Love is a beautiful thing and it's important to note that silence destroys relationships faster than distance.
A time to speak out is not a time to keep quiet.
Don't invest your feelings and time in someone who doesn't have your time.
Beloved sister, remember that the eyes fall so fast in love than the heart.
Be careful of jumping into a relationship without commitment.
NOTE: Lovemaking makes most men act as if they are in love while their heart is far from you.

√ A relationship is a platform to predict marriage.
There is a message in the way you're treated now.
If you don't love with your brain; you wait in vain.
Don't feel so comfortable in a relationship without purpose and plans.
A man can marry at any time and age. But such does not apply to you.
√ Don't allow any man to play with your body.
A man who respects your body will value your person.
Don't act cheap; a relationship is mutual feelings and mutual responsibilities.
When a man is seriously in love with you, you can't remind him of his responsibility.√ When you beg for attention and care. It shows you're an option. Realize who you are and a man will come to his senses.
Listen! Communication means everything when someone means a lot to you.
You don't force it to flow. As you complain it looks like you're nagging. Therefore, watch if your place has been taken by another.√ Sister, promises are good but you must watch his body language.
Because most promises in a relationship can keep you stagnant. Whatsoever you can't see now, (character-wise) don't expect it after the wedding.

Love with your heart but use your brain, Hope am making Sense?

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