How To Manage Financial Crisis In Your Marriage..

In marriage, money if not properly handled can bring a serious problem to both couples. Many marriages today have been torn apart because either one or both couples do not have the right perspective on marriage and family finances.

Today's article primary's target audience is men. Men, are you ready? Let's discuss this today for the happiness of your Marriage.

"A lot of people thoughts that the wife's money is her money, but the husband's money is the family's money."

Marriage is still well misunderstood by many people most especially African women, and because of this misunderstanding, the financial aspect of marriage is in shambles in many homes.

Please let's tell ourselves the simple truth:
Family finance or better still, money creates more trouble in not-well financially comfortable homes than the very comfortable or rich ones. A home where the husband's income is not enough to take care of the family's needs, that is house rent, food, and clothes, and there's a need for a wife's contribution is most likely the home to experience financial problems.

For most African women, catering to a family's needs is 100 percent the husband's responsibility. These kinds of women often say that the husband's money is the family's money while their own money is theirs alone. In many marriages today, these women don't contribute to the financial progress of the family, and those who do so think they are doing their husbands some big favor for doing it. But that's not true at all.

In many marriages, the women who earn some money contribute little or nothing towards the financial progress of their families. Many worsen the situation by channeling all their money to their parents and siblings while their own families are left to struggle financially. With this attitude, one is left wondering in his heart where the loyalty and submissiveness of those wives lie. Their husbands and children or their parents and siblings?

Some years ago, a husband reported his marital case to me. It was a situation where the wife although earning a monthly salary never supported the family's financial needs even in the smallest ways. Whenever the husband requested assistance from her or complained about her indifference towards the financial needs of the family, she would tell him that it was her own money and it belonged to her alone together with her parents and siblings. All efforts by her husband to get her to do the needful were unsuccessful. Many African ladies are like this woman.

But today I am pleased to offer the men a solution using an unconventional approach to manage a financial crisis in their marriage.

Dear men, if you are still earning an income that can not care for the needs of the entire family without the help of your wife please try these important tips.

Please understand this: just as your wife claims that her money is hers and for the members of her side of the family alone, Your money is your money and you also have parents and siblings depending on you to care for or better still, the right to spend your money the way it pleases you.

Here's an example to follow for easy understanding:

Let's say you are a father of two little kids and you are earning N150,000 monthly. Let's say your wife is earning N100,000 monthly.

As a good husband and father, you have been catering to the family's needs with your entire salary without any form of assistance from your wife because she believes that her money isn't for the marriage, but for herself, her parents, and siblings.

This is what you should do:

From the N150,000 you're earning monthly, you should start catering for your family like someone who is earning just N80,000. Save the remaining N70,000 for your personal needs and your side of the family. It's not a retaliation; it's wisdom.

As a man, if you are still earning very low, please don't let your wife's selfishness ruin you financially. Take care of your family, but save some money for yourself also. Even if you will not spend everything on yourself or family members, just have some personal savings because it's important.

Are there implications for this new approach or change of approach?

Yes, there are! The question is, can you handle the implications very well without adding more financial crisis to your marriage?

The new implications mean you will have to cut down on many expenses you are handling at home such as:

1) Accommodation. Rent the house of your new financial reality, N80,000.

2) Number of children you should give birth to. You will have to put a stop to having children so you can care for them.

3) School fees. If your children were attending a school where the term's tuition fee is N60,000, you should go to a school where the term's tuition fees are between N30,000 and N40,000.

4) Feeding for the family. If the monthly feeding expenditure for the family is N60,000, you may have to start spending just about N35,000 monthly feeding budget for the family.

5) Other family unexpected expenses. Cut down on some expenses or better still forfeit some things for now so you can be able to manage your family financial crisis well.

Dear men, a wife who knows that her husband is still coming up financially and can't support him financially whereas she can, can't be fully trusted in that marriage. Realities on the ground show that with such women, should the husband lose his job, she will never assist him in a little way she can or might change in attitude totally towards the husband, or move on with her life.

Finally, as a man who is still coming up financially, please don't force a wife to contribute financially to a family. Let her do it from her own volition. But if she doesn't do it, continue to be a good husband and father but save some money for yourself too because should you lack it, she will never assist you in any way.

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