11 Simple Ways To Avoid Heart Break In A Relationship..

Many people think or rather believe that a breakup in a relationship is not avoidable. I will categorically say that a breakup in a relationship is simply a mistake, attitudes, behavior, and errors that could have been avoided. It could have been avoided just for the success and happiness of the relationship.

If you want to avoid breakups in your relationship, here is the best way to go for it.

1) Not all relationships will lead to marriage. Every relationship is for a reason, some are for a season and only a few are for a lifetime. If it doesn't work out as you planned or wanted it to be, don't kill yourself because it was for something else. Discover the purpose of that relationship and move on with your life.

2) Don't give a man or a woman total control of your heart before giving the totality of your heart to God. Love that person but put God first in everything you are doing with him or her.

3) Don't get carried away with beauty or money and, or other material things. If that person's love for you cannot keep you in his heart, his money or her beauty cannot save you as well.

4) Love is never enough be it relationship or marriage. The most important things are understanding compatibility, wisdom, patience, and tolerance. With these things, you can enjoy love and Intimacy with your spouse.

5) When the negative signs from your partner are more than the positive signs. At this point, It is better to withdraw your heart before it gets broken into pieces.

6) Extreme jealousy is the quickest way to break up in that relationship. It's normal to be jealous, but when it's too much, there's a problem and you have to avoid it on time.

7) Don't demand trust from your partner, you can only earn it build it, or show it.

8) Never compare your partner to someone else because comparison will bring unexpected challenges to your relationship which will lead to a breakup.

9) Your relationship should not only have a marriage-driven wheel but should have a care, love, submission, commitment,  loyalty, and concern-driven wheel. A successful marriage can't come to reality without these things.

10) Don't marry someone because you saw him or her in church and were performing well either as a choir or as a prayer warrior. Many are in church but are not in a relationship with God.

11) If God gives you the woman or man of your desire, don't play with the person's feelings. God will give you the woman or man for your dream, not of your dreams. You should discover your purpose and you will attract the right person. If your heart is with God, He will keep men or women from playing with it like football. Love is a beautiful thing but yet it can be hurtful.

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