Friday, July 2, 2021

Reasons Why Your Man Is Attracted To Another Woman.

Men go where their needs are met. There is no man on earth that jokes with his needs likewise a woman. Women are mostly in a request for urgent needs met based on emotions but logic will make a man pause a little and when he goes all out to meet his needs, he goes full scale!
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A married man will not go fall in love with another woman until he is dying and can't take starvation anymore!
If his self-esteem is almost wrecked by an abusive, hot-tempered, disrespectful, rude wife, he will jump at any woman who treats him with respect and makes him feel like a king. I am not talking theory here. I am talking real and this is a basic problem of many marriages. A man can't take abuse! He can't handle disrespect! He breaks down when his shortcomings are used against him and are vulnerable to a woman who worships him and makes him her hero!
Physical appeal gets men's eyes.

A man can only be attracted to a woman who knows how to package her curves and appeal to his senses. Forget that speaking in tongues he blasts on Sunday services and that holy look he displays when you are together. Below, he wants sensuality, sexuality, and something that appeals to him erotically. It is a deep need for most African men will deny to the last drop of their blood but it is there. Always put him in the mood.

Whenever a man doesn't have money on him, he feels weak and defenseless. Men like to exercise power, they like to be in control and money means power! When a woman helps him make plenty of it, he rushes at her and sticks to her as his entire life depends on it. He isn't out of his mind or mad, he needs money, plenty of it badly!
Again, men are attracted to a virtuous woman who has good thoughts with wisdom to match! Stupidity turns a man off! A man wants a woman that has timely solutions to serious issues and knows how to step into matters without stirring waters.
I didn't mention sex so far, why? Love-making is not the first thing that really gets a man mad for a woman. When other deep, emotional needs are handled, he is mightily turned on and will want to make love to you, and trust me, that sex will be hot and passionate! And when a man gets to that level with a woman, it will take prayers at MFM prayer city to get him to end the relationship.

Please I apologize if my explanation is too hard to bear especially if your man is cheating.
I am not encouraging men to commit adultery. I am only giving an explanation on why they do so and how you can fill some gaps so he can get crazy for you instead of another woman out there.

I will be writing the other side too: WHY YOUR WOMAN IS ATTRACTED TO ANOTHER MAN.
Lots of women are cheating too and the number is alarmingly increasing on daily basis. I will be teaching the men how to meet their wives' needs and stop them from cheating.
If we can all focus on our marriages and make it work at all costs, no one will be cheating on their spouses anymore!
May your marriage continually experience bliss on daily basis...
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

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