List Of The Things Very Much Important In A Relationship Or Marriage Before Going Into It..

Marriage Is Only A Title
You need a Mantle to operate it, which is:
° Love
° Communication
° Trust
° Truth
° Forgiveness
° Character
A Title Without A Mantle Is A Battle
That's why many marriages are battle zones, people rushing to get a title, but have no mantle to operate with when they are handed the title.
Marriage Is Only An Office. 
You need skills to effectively administrate any office you get into.
People get into offices they didn't prepare for, offices they aren't qualified for. Square pegs in round holes.
That's why marriages crash anyhow today, people getting into an office they never studied or were qualified to be in.
Age Is Not A Qualification
An 18-year-old can get married and it works, and a 38-year-old can get married and it fails.
Don't marry someone because they are OLD enough. Marry them because they are mature enough.
Work on yourself too, and acquire emotional knowledge.

Marriage Is A Responsibility. Responsibilities don't necessarily make people responsible.
You hear statements like, "Let him get married, he will change and become responsible."
There's a difference between being Responsible and having Responsibilities.
Being Married means you have responsibilities, but being married doesn't mean you are responsible.
There are many irresponsible married men and women, and their irresponsibility follows them into marriage, we call this "follow come".
Marriage Does Not Change People. Don't marry someone saying they will change. People decide to change by choice and personal encounters, not because they got married. Ask many married people, people hardly change after marriage.

Marriage Is Not A Solution. Marriage creates new problems.
Suddenly, someone else is in your space almost 24/7, with new bills to pay, new demands, new expectations, less freedom, conflict, etc.
It's a person's problem-solving capacity that makes their marriage work and makes a couple happy. Not that marriage solves problems, otherwise, all married people would have zero problems.
 Don't marry to solve your loneliness problem, there are many married and lonely people, get a life and purpose first.
Don't marry to solve your financial problems, anything can happen later, get skills, and get a job. Earn.
Don't marry to solve your lust problem, married people still fight lust and sexual temptations, and get self-control.
Marriage is what we make of it. Prepare, find someone equally prepared, get married and the rest will take care of itself.


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