Sunday, September 17, 2023


So many women out there thoughts that romance is only about making love to their husbands in the bedroom, not knowing that there are thousands and hundreds of best ways to be a romantic wife to her husband and make him shower her unimaginable love.

Below is the way to be a romantic wife to your husband.

1) Remember that romance is not the husband's responsibility alone
2) Compliment your husband when he is well-dressed and smells good
3) Touch your husband's thigh when he is driving or seated next to you when you want to tell him something
4) Flirt with him over the phone
5) Play with his fingers when you two are having pillow talks
6) Cuddle with him and place his head on your bosom when you two are in bed
7) Place your hand on his arm as a Queen who knows her position
8) Dress up for his visual stimulation, especially in the bedroom
9) Dance for him and tease him
10) Tell him all the passionate things you want to do to him
11) Praise his performance and the things he does that give you pleasure. Tell him how he does them well. 
12) Take him out on dates, don't always wait for him to plan things
13) Kiss him, not just on the lips but also his cheeks, his forehead, his fingers
14) Offer to serve him with a smile and take care of him
15) Call him special names "My King", "Darling", "Honey"
16) Be confident in being yourself, and do great things as an individual. It excites him when he is proud of you.


17) Talk highly about him in public, and encourage him in private when he is down
18) Find out his favorite sex position and do it to him often
19) Help him to put on and remove his clothes, his tie, his coat
20) Rally the children in appreciating him, making him feel valued at home regardless of his financial status.
21) Buy him gifts that he will like
22) Prepare his favorite meal or ask him what he would like to eat
23) Tell him you love him. Men love to be affirmed too. Tell him also what you love about him
24) Ask him how his day has been. Show care
25) Make sexual moves on him, don't just lay there waiting for him to do all the work
26) Pray for him to bless him, not because you think he is the devil or the problem in your marriage. Prayerful women are romantic, so just because you are a prayer warrior doesn't mean you shouldn't be romantic to your man.
27) Attend to his needs without him asking such as making him a cup of tea/coffee when he is working
Just because you have spent years together doesn't mean you stop making him feel special. You were attractive and made him feel valued and that is why he pursued you to get you, stay attractive, and value him to keep him; as you do so, he will long for your presence and give you his best. The woman who loves her husband builds her home. Hope this helps.

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