9 Bad Attitude Of Yours That Is Killing The Feelings Your Lover's Has For You..

Love is the greatest of all but it's not easy for one to enjoy their marriage or relationship, especially in today's world where many people think that love alone is enough to make a relationship or marriage enjoyable.

For every Marriage or Relationship that wants to last for a lifetime, you have to avoid these destroyers. 

They are;

1) Always blaming your partner for every issue that arises between you guys.

2) Feeling less concerned about your partner's life, his or her emotional, spiritual, physical, and personal challenge.

3) Ignoring your partner's attention, making him or her to be less important to you in the relationship or Marriage. 

4) Making too much demand for money or material things. We all like money as money adds value to our lives but when you are a liability to your man, gradually he will start losing interest in you.

5) Attitudes. When you are selfish, always thinking about yourself alone, you don't consider how the other person will feel about the decision you are making, this is a bad attitude that if not carefully looked into, will ruin your marriage or relationship.

6) Poor communication. Communication is one of the life wires that keeps Marriage or relationship alive. Poor communication can negatively affect the goodness of your union with your significant other. Poor communication in relationship include but is not limited to; a lack of romantic messages, lack of romantic email, and lack of calls; it could be video call through a social media platform or phone calls. From the moment these things are missing in your relationship, then there's poor communication in your Relationship.

7) Dirtiness. It's your responsibility to keep yourself clean and attractive to your partner. Don't expect him or her to accept you just the way you are even without being clean. If you have a mouth odor or body odor, work on yourself unless you want to destroy your relationship with your significant other.

8) Lack of understanding and anger. Love alone can't keep you guys together for a lifetime. You need to always understand each other so you can flow together. Also, anger is inevitable but when anger is controlling you instead of you controlling it, then your relationship will definitely heat the rock. 

9) Insincerity. Who wants to be with an insincere man or woman? Absolutely nobody. When you are not sincere with your spouse, automatically you are making the person believe that you can't be trusted, and this gives the person the option to take a walk out of your life. 

Other things that can ruin your marriage or relationship are;

Cheating, lies, arrogance, pride, lack of respect, lack of trust, and absence of God's presence in your union. 

Positively take care of all these things and you will enjoy your marriage.

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