5 Practical Steps to Overcoming Challenges With Finding True Love..

Recently someone called me and asked me this question: Dear Counselor, "Why is Love so hard to find these days"?
I guess like me you too reading this must have been asking yourself why is Love so hard to find. Why is commitment so hard to find? Why is trust so hard to find?
Should we now settle for the mediocrity that there is no such thing as true love any longer?
Should we settle for the mediocrity that there is no such thing as commitment any longer?
I guess the explanation is No! I don't think love is problematic to find. I don't think commitment, dedication, and trust are hard to find.
I think the reason why these things seem hard to find is simply that our generation now looks for these things in the wrong places
our generation now looks for love for the wrong reasons which makes it hard to recognize what truly looks like love or lust.
Not many people understand what love truly is and so they mistake it for so many things that look like love which makes finding real love difficult!
So I will attempt to share 5 practicable things you can do to help you find love, commitment, and trust!

1) Don't focus on finding love. You see, love is like a butterfly if you keep chasing after it, you might never catch it but when you remove it or you refuse to chase after it you might just see it within your reach!
if you keep focusing on finding the love you might never find it! so focus less on trying to find love!

2) Accept your vulnerability. Everyone is vulnerable when it comes to love!! you must accept that vulnerability! Maybe you are the type that loves too deeply and which leaves you heartbroken. However, it is accepted that part of you.

3) Love yourself first before finding love. The Biblical principle of love says "love your neighbor as much as you love yourself" so it is hard finding love when you don't have love existing inside of you! So love yourself first if you want someone else to love

4) Let go of the past. The reason why so many people find it hard to let someone love them is as a result of experience with love! The hurts, the pain, etc. all that exist in the past! Ignore the past and face the future with reality.

5) Associate with others, primarily the opposite gender. Love won't come to you at your doorstep! love won't come to you through surfing Facebook to Instagram feeds! To find the love you have to try to mingle! Go on dates with friends, attend single meetings, try all you can to mingle with other people so they can notice you and admire you as well.

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