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The Best And The Easiest Way To Start Data Bundle Reselling Business Of All Network in Nigeria. 2021 Best Full Guide.

Data bundle reselling business in Nigeria is now a fast-growing online and offline business. A day can't go by without someone making use of the internet, which is definitely being paid to stay connected, so there are lots of chances to make money from it. The same thing goes for airtime, we all buy airtime, whether you are using an Android phone or you are not using an Android phone, you need airtime for your phone.
                                Ultimate] Guide On How To Start Data Reselling Business In Nigeria 2021
What Is Data Bundle And Airtime Reselling Business And How Can I Make Money From It?
Data Bundle and Airtime Reselling business simply means the buying of data bundles in bulk or large quantities from a network carrier and selling them in slits, that is, smaller units to end-users, (individuals) so as to make profits.

The buying and selling of internet data bundles are tremendously lucrative, this is simply because people can't do without being connected to the internet on a daily basis, they need to subscribe for Data bundle by paying a certain amount to their network provider which cannot be avoided.

Not everyone is ready to be paying that high amount of network charges when there are data resellers who sell at cheaper prices.

For example, MTN sells 1.5GB at 1000, and you can get 2GB at the same price value from a data bundle reseller.

A data bundle reseller buys data bundle in bulk and resells in slits at a cheaper price, compared to that of the network providers themselves. All though you need customers before you start making money from this data business.

When you know how to reach out to your customers, you will always make the best of profits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I don’t really have much to say on this topic because it is very simple and easy. 

All you have to do is just follow the guidelines in this article on how to start a data bundle and Airtime reselling business in Nigeria.

This article in a question-and-answer format. This is to make it easier to understand. I have provided all the questions that will guide you to your success, I touched every aspect a beginner needs to know about this data bundle and Airtime reselling business pack.

In this Data and Airtime reselling business there are lots of benefits to enjoy because you are your own boss right from the day you started. 

1) You will own a VTU portal just like banks have theirs. You sell the data or Airtime directly from your dashboard, and no need for someone to determine how much you make in a day or in a month.

All the banks in Nigeria sells airtime and data bundle, from their VTU portals. They make millions of naira every month from their customers including you who bought Data bundle or Airtime from them.
2) You control your price here. You sell at the cheapest price convenient for you which is also competitive to make your customers come back to you every day.

These companies or persons already made the deals and give out cheap prices for you to resell. 

3) From the day you start, you become eligible to recharge GoTV, DStv, Startimes, and payment of electricity bill for yourself and others.
Do you know that banks make millions of naira from these particular business whenever people subscribe for any of these cable TV or make payment for electricity bill?

In recharge and get paid, You are paid whenever you subscribe for GoTV, DStv, Startimes, or make payment for yourself or for someone else. In as much you did it from your dashboard, automatically and immediately, you are paid a wonderful commission.

Recharge And Get Paid to control the price but you have to add your profits to it. It has to be moderate. Recharge And Get Paid to offer the cheapest data price on the internet. It has no risk and requires low capital.

What Is Data Bundle Reselling Pack?
Data bundle reselling pack is a reseller package that allows you to buy internet data subscriptions in bulk and resell to your customers in smaller units.

Who Are Data Resellers?
Data resellers are individuals that run internet data bundle reselling businesses. They buy data bundles in bulk or pack and resell at their own moderate price which varies with the original price of the network providers.

You must not have a website or deal directly with the network providers before you can start reselling data and Airtime VTU with Recharge And Get Paid.

How To Become A Data Bundle Reseller?
If you are looking into how to make money online and offline, this is a great opportunity for you right at your fingertips. Almost the population of the world today can do without buying internet data subscriptions every day. You will get a share from these daily data bundle businesses. You can be making over N25000 in profits every month as a starter. You buy at cheaper prices and resell at your price. Meaning, your profits solely depend on you.

Benefits Of A Data Bundle Reselling Business.
You earn money per sale. For example, on your dashboard, MTN 1GB could be N300, you can resell at the rate of N400 or N500. That gives you a profit of N100 or N200 respectively. You don't need huge capital to start this business.
Build your brand for yourself. Making and building an online presence.
You gain people's trust and this leads to more sales even when you introduce your own products to them.

What Are The Networks That I Can Resell Their Data To My Customers?
The four major networks we have in Nigeria today are MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, and Airtel.

Hope This Is Not Same As SME Business?
Yes, This is the same as SME but what makes it different is that there is no risk for you. You don't need to spend N20,000 or N30,000 to buy data in bulk or have different sim cards before you can sell for all networks. With whatever network you are using to browse the internet, you can be doing your business with it. The most important thing you need for this business is an internet connection phone, laptop, or desktop computer. You will have an online wallet where your data purchases will be charged from any time you sell data to your customers. Your money in your wallet (dashboard) doesn't expire, so there is nothing to panic for.

What Is The Company Like?
Recharge And Get Paid is Company duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission. It is integrated that you can carry out so many transactions such as GoTV Subscription, DStv Subscription, Electricity Bills, recharge cards of all the major network providers in Nigeria and whether you do the transaction for yourself or for someone else, automatically you will get paid by the company right on the website with your mobile phone or other browsing gadgets. The data vending portal is free to use with no hidden charges.

It is from your deposited money in your online wallet that all your transactions will be deducted from.

How Do I Fund My Account?
There are options available for account funding; You can do a transfer to the account number given to you by the company or through a
Bank deposits. For any of the methods you choose, your account gets credited immediately.

How Instant Can My Wallet Be Funded?
It is instant when you use your credit/debit card and make online transfers through banking apps, or through the USSD code of your bank.

When Can I Sell Data?
You can sell data 24/7 in as much you have money in your wallet.

How Fast Is The Data Delivery?
This depends on the network’s strength but I tell you, it has always been instant.

Hope This Is Not A Scam?
No and never, VERY LEGIT.

How Much Can I Use To Register in this Business?
Registration with Recharge And Get Paid has a different level such as Gold, Silver, etc., and this means that the registration amount also differs. There is one of N5,000, N10,000, up to N100,000. There is a 20% registration welcome bonus for all the registration which you can use to start your business immediately.

How Much Can I Earn From This Business?
This really depends on your marketing skills and how devoted you are. You have to promote or advertise to people that you sell cheap browsing data bundles. The more clients you get, the more money you make.

For example, if you make 10 sales daily and get a profit of N50 to N100 on each sale, you earn N500 to N1000 daily and that’s N15000 to N30000 monthly.

How Are My Profits Paid?
You don’t have to get paid by the company. All your profits are in your bank account. Whenever you get a customer, they pay your charged price into your bank account. You then buy from your balance on the website at a normal rate.

That is, if you charge N400 for MTN 1GB and the buyer pays into your account, you then pay N300 for the 1GB on our data vending website from your available wallet balance. So, you have a profit of N100 in your bank account.

How Do I Make More Sales?
Just like I mentioned above, it all depends on your marketing skills. You can make more sales by posting on social media, emailing your friends about your business, and advertising on popular forums and blogs. You can as well get handbills, banners, and wall posters to paste around.

For more insight on how to promote or advertise your data business. Speak to your colleagues in the office, neighbors at home, business partners, WhatsApp contacts, Facebook friends. If you don't let them know about your business, they will not patronize it.

How To Become A Data Bundle Reseller?
Becoming a data reseller is very easy. Simply register an account from the link below and fund your online wallet.

Visit our portal on RECHARGE AND GET PAID
Make sure to input your valid details during registration. Your account will be activated instantly for business if you fund your account. For help, you can contact...

Other Services Available
Cable TV subscriptions. E.g. GoTV, DsTV and Startimes.
Send bulk SMS.
Electricity bill payment.
Buy airtime VTU.
You earn more money for your life when you register someone under yourself
All these are the benefits you are entitled to as a member of RECHARGE AND GET PAID.

Before you go, let me share this with you:
The right time to start selling internet bundles is now. Why?

The minimum profit you make on each sale is N100 on selling MTN data alone. You buy MTN 1GB at N300 and sell at N400. Now imagine you have 100 customers that patronize you within 48 hours? That is serious profits, right? The choice is yours.

If you can be making 20 sales daily of 1GB, that's N2,000 in profits for you daily and in a month, that's N60,000. These sales are easy to attain daily if you know how to promote your new data business.

Also, remember that it's just a side business. You can keep doing your daily work while you enjoy this extra 60k monthly.
This business covers the following means of financial freedom listed below;
VTU Business.
Online Job.
How to make money on the internet.
How to earn passive income.
Online side hustle

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