5 Signs That Prove Your Relationship Is Falling Apart, And It May End Very Soon..

I have always said, that you don't have to wait until you have a broken heart before you quit any relationship that's not working well. The signs will always be there if it does not work out as you initially thought. Sometimes we ignore them hoping to change the other person, but you cannot change anyone until you are done changing yourself before you talk about changing another person.

Below are the signs that prove your relationship is drifting apart.

1) You constantly feel unhappy. When the things you do easily annoy him or her, easily raise his or her voice at you, complain about everything you do, and see fault even in the way you talk or the way you eat, then your relationship is in trouble. It could kill your joy and happiness in the relationship which has been taken over by fear, worries, uncertainties, sorrow, too many complaints, etc. A relationship without joy is already hitting the rock of disaster.

) Growing distrust. It is normal to feel jealous in a relationship, but not have constant distrust against your partner. No matter which side it comes from, distrust in a relationship is never a good thing.

3) Disrespecting each other. When you notice that there is no more respect between you and your partner as it were from the beginning of the relationship, just know that something is wrong and if not carefully handled, it will tear you guys apart.
No relationship is perfect, but certain things should make you understand that the relationship can't continue anymore.

 4) Unexpected distance between you and your partner. In a normal relationship, partners grow closer and closer every day with so much excitement in their hearts and deep love for themselves. Even when there are misunderstandings, they will still be closer both emotionally and physically. If you notice that distance is beginning to take charge between you and your partner, then that's a red flag that your relationship is cracking and it may soon collapse.

5) Uncontrollable anger against each other.  When the little mistakes you make are now making him or her see you as a mistake in his or her life, then it is a red flag that you guys are drifting apart. It is not bad or wrong for anyone to exercise anger but when he or she no longer overlooks those little things but prefers to use them against you on a daily basis instead of forgiving you, it is time to know that the relationship will not be able to lead to marriage as you have previously thought.

Don't wait for your relationship to fall apart before you take the necessary steps to ameliorate it.

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