10 Ways To Prepare For Marriage: The Truth You Should Know About Marriage Before Your Wedding Day..

Life experiences have taught me that single hood is a complete season on its own and must be lived to its fullest. There are grace, joy, and opportunities in this phase of life that must be employed. Below are the things you should take note of while you are still single before saying "I do" to your fiancée.

1) Before you say, "I do." Understand that God has a reason for this phase of your life and the most fulfilling part of it is to enter into God's plan and be ordered into what he's ordained for you. Let it not slip away. Maximize this season. When this season wraps up, you can't turn back the hands of the clock. Enjoy it now while it lasts. There's a time to be single and a time to be married. Look for the mountains to conquer. Pursue your purpose in life.

2) Before you say, "I do." Understand that as a lady, you are first the Bride Of Christ before you will become the Wife Of Any Man. In the book of the prophet Isaiah 54:5. When the Scriptures admonish us to LOVE GOD, it is enough to make us have good relationships, in loving God you will fall in love with yourself, and only then can you love people as you should. The Holy Spirit gives us the capacity, grace, and ability for divine love.

3) Before you say, "I do." Learn to be whole and secure. Sweethearts, you are not defined by your marital status. Your life doesn't start or begin the very day you start a relationship or get married, it has started since your birthday when you had your first cry. So hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love, but never do you make the mistake of putting your life on hold for love. Your identity is not found in your relationship status but in who you are in Christ Jesus.

4) Before you say, "I do." Find true happiness in your life. Don't wait for someone else to make you happy. Of course, two is better than one and your partner must be such a shoulder to lean on but still, you must be a happy somebody. No husband or wife can fulfill the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives. You must learn to be happy. Happiness is said to be a choice, this is the pathway to fulfillment in life and marriage.

5) Before you say, "I do." Learn to build and enjoy friendships with your immediate family members, friends, colleagues in the office, business associates or partners, and neighbors.
A romantic relationship is not the only relationship you need in your life. We are all social beings and learn how to relate, forgive, and tolerate people. Social intelligence is very important. I watched a very hot-tempered lady fighting her little sister with harmful objects. In annoyance, she left for her fiance's house and said angrily, "When am I leaving my Father's house?" Smiling She thought getting married was a way of escape. You are still part of your immediate family even as you are married to your lover.

6) Before you say, "I do." Find meaning in your life and get busy with it. Explore your talents and gifts, and go after your interests and passions. What should you start doing? Stop delaying or postponing it. I urge you to start being a blessing to those around you.

7) Before you say, "I do." God wants you to learn SELF-CONTROL. I know what it means to have feelings for Intimacy as a spinster or as a bachelor, sometimes it gets so tense that you have to pray in tongues. Why would God put this urge in our bodies when we are not allowed to have sex before marriage? It is to teach us self-control. Train your body and mind. More so, marriage doesn't solve all your sexual issues or problems, please seek counsel and get healed before getting married.

8) Before you say, I do." Embrace a mentorship relationship and be accountable to people who have spiritual authority over you. Who is your spiritual Father?
Prayerfully submit to a mentor.

9) Before you say, "I do." Learn financial prudence. Nobody wants to marry a man who gambles with money. Neither is there any man who wants to marry a lady whose life investment is in a shopping spree.
Give yourself an awesome treat but learn how to manage your finances. You are not too old to have piggy bank savings, savings and investment schemes are not for a particular individual. Start learning how to draw a scale of preference or create a list of priorities. Cut down unreasonable spending. Save up for your future.

10) Before you say, I do." Understand that your marriage should be all about the KINGDOM of God. Your marriage is ordained to be a blessing. There's a lot God will achieve through the union of two people who are given out to His Kingdom. God wants to model a GODLY MARRIAGE to the world, He needs your marriage as a Model.

Before you get married, get yourself ready for Marriage.

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