Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Danger And Solution To Premature Ejaculation Caused By Masturbation And Pornography.

Be sure to read this special message, believe me, you will be helped and your life will change for the better.
IF YOU MASTURBATE, YOU WILL REMAIN POOR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE UNLESS YOU ARE DELIVERED. So take your time to read this. Refuse to end this MONTH the same way. Believe me, you will never regret having read this, that will answer almost 78% of your questions. Please, whether you are a man or a woman, stop what you are doing and read this now.
Each time you masturbate, you are giving sperm to the demonic realm.

Masturbation is like having sex in dreams, every time you ejaculate under these conditions, you are pregnant with a demon. And as a woman, every time you masturbate, you have sex with a demon and sometimes get pregnant by a demon.
Have you ever wondered how you see yourself with children or how you breastfeed a baby in your dreams when you don't have one in reality? Those who are married must have affection for their partner.
                                 What Does Pornography Do to Your Brain? - YouTube

It is the demon (s) you gave birth to. One Sunday during the One on One section, a very intelligent man came to me to complain that he had an accident in 2014 and lost his car; he almost lost his life but God saved him.
Since 2014, he has been claiming money from the government as "accident compensation" but the money has not been returned to him. Whenever he goes to claim his money, he is told to come back the next day and that money represents over a million rand.

While I was praying for him, God revealed to me that he had given all his fortune to the demons, he masturbates 4 to 5 times a day. When I asked him, he agreed and asked me to deliver him, I prayed for him and I told him that tonight you will have a dream, a woman will come to make love to him. If you manage to catch it and take the ring off it, this will be the end of your problems, 3 days later, he had a dream, and his former classmate came to make love to him. He caught her, and removed the ring from his finger.

He immediately woke up and started thanking God. Around 1:40 p.m., the money that had been held for a long time was released.
He is the God I know, the God of war, the God of miracles. Many of you would have been so wealthy by now but because of masturbation, your wealth, luck, and happiness have been given to the demons. You may have been married before but your feelings are gone due to masturbation.
Listen to me, the enemy invented sex toys, sex objects, to help masturbation, to steal, kill and destroy humanity completely. Do you know that sex toys are a devil's industry?

Starting today, I want to help you understand that masturbation is a spirit - a demon. This spirit of the world of darkness does not come alone; it is accompanied by a spirit of lust. The spirit of lust includes the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, etc. He's one of the spirits that take people to pornography and all kinds of sexual immorality. (Pornography is fuel for masturbation).

Masturbation is demonic and a tool Satan is using to send many souls to hellfire. Only God can deliver you from this problem and it's time to seek God diligently with all your heart. God is ready to accept and heal you from this problem if you go down on your kneels wherever you are and pray for forgiveness. 

The following are the steps you must take to help you come out of this problem;
1) Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is the resurrection of life.
2) You must pray and seek the face of God and ask for forgiveness of sins. Cry unto God and ask him for forgiveness and tell him you are sorry for all you have done.

3) You must delete any pornography movies, videos, pictures, etc on your phones and any other electronic equipment. You must delete any naked pictures and also dislike any page on Facebook and website that shows pornography and naked pictures.

4) You should read your Bible always and pray to feed your mind with the word of God. The masturbation process comes from your mind so you must fill your mind with the word of God to prevent Satan and that evil from getting closer to you. Bible reading should be your habit and praying.

5) You must meditate on the word of God always. Meditating on the word of God is remembering the word of God in your mind and thinking about it. Doing this will completely sack the devil who has been causing you to commit masturbation to stop. Your mind will be filled with the holy spirit when you do this.

6) Abstain from all appearance of evil. You must isolate yourself from anything evil. Abstain from all sinful relationships and associations. Abstain from anything that stimulates lust.

Lastly in all prayer is the key. The only thing Satan is afraid of is prayer. You must pray always and live a righteous life and the eye of the Lord will be on you.
Distance is not a barrier, I pray that all those who will say "Amen" and share this post, the demon who eats your fortune, will divorce you forever, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Your fortune will be returned to you in the name of Jesus. Leave no room for the devil to manipulate your life. To 2000 people proclaim now: "Out of my body", 3 times and share this post 5 times to WhatsApp groups or any other platform !! By the power in the blood of Jesus, your demon of MASTURBATION comes out, in the name of Jesus! In 2 days you will have a dream that the demon that makes you masturbate will come out of your body. And all of your previously closed doors will open to help you.


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  2. I need help; struggling with masturbation for over 11 years.

  3. I am 30 years of age not married yet and I started masturbating at age 20 and I can't stop it In fact, I don't like it please I need your help what should I do