Saturday, September 2, 2023

20 Secret Recipes For A Happ Marriage..

A happy marriage is a desire of everyone but unfortunately, so many people don't know the recipes for it, i.e. if a happy marriage is one of the best Nigerian food.
List of Ingredients.

20 cups of love
18 cups of loyalty
10 cups of forgiveness
20 cups of friendship
15 cups of bed moves
20 cups of honesty
10 spoons of tenderness
3 spoons of hope
15 spoons of his private worship and praise
10 quarts of faith
20 cups of trust
A fresh display of my paradise
I barrel of laughter

It takes love, loyalty, forgiveness, and trust, mixing them thoroughly with intimacy. Then, blend it with honesty, tenderness, kindness, and understanding. Add friendship, his private worship, and praise, sprinkle abundantly with overdose laughter, and garnish it with hugs. Serve it to your partner 3 times daily, with generous helping hands and a display of lovemaking.
 With these things listed above, get ready to enjoy your marriage.

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