The Loving Truths About Womanhood..

Most men find it difficult to understand their woman simply because of the tone or the way she reacts to things but down inside her heart, is the opposite of what you understood that she is saying.

In this article, I want to bring to you, some hidden truths you don't know about women.

1) When a woman is not happy with you, 50% of what she said to you that time, she is not serious about it.


2) One of the hardest moments for a woman is when she is away from the man who is after her heart.

3) A woman is not a commodity that needs adverts before it will not be purchased. If you don't take responsibility for your woman, she will be taken care of by another man.

4) It could take a decade for a woman to trust her man and it could also take a decade for anyone to change her mind about it but if you play with her trust, you have to just forget about her.

5) A woman is like a school and if you want to study her, it will take you years or even a lifetime for you to graduate.

6) A woman can hide secrets in her heart for a lifetime, even the person that is responsible for her first pregnancy if you are not the real owner.

7) If you want to know everything about your woman, be the friend of her best friend. She knows all the secrets you don't know.

8) The happiness of your marriage with her lies in your hands. She may be very bitter with you now and later on sweet and beautiful like an angel, it is all about your approach to her.

9) A woman finds it hard to forget unpleasant memories. Avoid hurting her with your words or actions.

10) All women, despite age and level in society, love to be pampered like a baby and if you want to enjoy her, that is the attention she needs.

11) If you don't want her to cheat on you, don't make her beg for your love otherwise another man will replace you in her heart.

12) Before a woman will accept your marriage proposal, so many thoughts about you have gone down her mind.

13) A woman who truly loves you can abandon a millionaire just because of the love she has for you, even if you don't have money to buy bathroom footwear.

14) A woman can spend her money just to make sure that you are happy but if you take her for granted, even if you later become a beggar she will not care.

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