The List Of The 2 Things You Should Never Do In Your Marriage..

Marriage is one of the best things that can happen to someone, but unfortunately,  it's very difficult to maintain unless both of you choose to be committed to each other and work it out with love. Most of the things that usually bring misunderstanding in marriage, are the things that can be sorted out between the both of you. In Marriage, no one is perfect even if you give yourself a 100% pass mark that you are perfect.

The unacceptable characteristics of your spouse can not just go away by merely talking about those characteristics, but not castigating your spouse because that will put your marriage in danger.

Below are the things you should never do in your Marriage if you want lasting happiness in your Marriage.

1) Never blame your spouse for their imperfection. Blaming Destroys Marriages. Marriage can be wonderful if either husband or wife can take personal responsibility for their actions and own up to their mistakes. Unfortunately, in many marriages today, spouses constantly blame each other for the failure of their marriages. 

The husband blames the wife for her failure to submit to her husband, while the wife blames the husband for failing to love her as Christ loved the church. The husband blames the wife’s lack of respect, love, and Commandments. Blaming is the easiest way to escape responsibility and also one of the easiest ways to destroy your Marriage, don't engage in it.

In the book of Genesis, chapter 3:12-13, Adam said, "The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate." Eve said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate." Do you see how blame affected the relationship God had with our first parents, Adam and Eve? Every temptation to blame your spouse for any mistake made by him or her is an opportunity to change yourself. Regardless of your spouse's omissions and errors, just accept the fact that you are imperfect and that you also have an important role to play in the current status of your marriage.

2) Never talk bad about your spouse to others. The idea of going out to talk bad about your spouse is simply giving your marriage away on a silver plat for Satan to come in and destroy it, and that is wrong. You should be very mindful of people who are eager to know more about the problems you are facing in your marriage.

They act to be very kind and generous to you but very very serious to see the downfall of your marriage. The fact remains that the devil uses human beings to do his work, don't expect him to turn to a snake like he did to Eve in the Garden of Eden before you recognize him.

The solution going forward.
The lasting solutions for any marriage that will be successful are:
1) Walk with God through prayers for your marriage, for your spouse and yourself, and lastly for your children.

2) Communication without barriers and timetables. Communication should be listed amongst your top routine daily, it should not be by choice but mandatory.

3) Always plan the affairs of the family together with your spouse. Failure to work together as a team will bring division of unity in your marriage.

4) Always appreciate each other's commitment, it gives room for more sacrifices.

5) Don't listen to underground gossip against your partner. No matter how good you think your marriage is today, people will always see one or two things to use against you or your partner. When this happens, the best thing to do is to ignore them. Taking their word will get your marriage in trouble.

6) Learn to forgive without keeping records of how many times you may have been offended.

Doing things that will bring lasting happiness, joy, unity, progress, and love to your marriage, is not going to be easy but a successful marriage doesn't happen in a twinkle of an eye.

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