Marriage is a lifetime union in which only death is what is expected to separate husband and wife. When you go into Marriage without adequate preparation for it, there is a tendency that you will jump out of it.

Almost everything in life has rules and regulations. For example, for you to be a successful businessman or woman, you have to follow the rules, if you want to have a good grade in your exam, you have to follow the rules one of them is to study your books ahead of time. In Marriage as well, you have to go by the rules or the commandments of happy marriage.

In this article, if you can take a few minutes of your time, you will discover by yourself all the commandments that will help you enjoy your Marriage with your spouse.

1) Don't forget to seek the face of God in prayers before accepting the Marriage proposal of your man. Don't be too excited to get married, don't be in a haste to accept him because he is financially okay or because he is politically connected. 

You must not go to your pastor before confirming if you should accept his Marriage proposal, You can pray right in the corner of your home and God will answer your prayers regarding your marriage decisions. Don't go into Marriage without God because you will come out with serious emotional injuries.

2) What is God's purpose for your life? You should know God's purpose for your life before thinking about marriage.

For example, is God's purpose in your life to be a gospel artist? A well-known businesswoman? A missionary or a philanthropist? You have to know where you belong. If you get married to your spouse as a philanthropist, a musician, a missionary, etc... It will not bring any problems in your Marriage because you are already known for it before he or she accepts to marry you. Don't wait until you get married before you can start living your life, start now. Add value to your life before thinking about Marriage.

3) Don't get married to anyone because of money, personality, or his or her connection in society. Don't get married to anyone based on your personal conviction that the Holy Spirit told you he will be a good husband to you, have you thoroughly sought the face of God? Popularity, economic or political connection, and or family background don't guarantee a happy marriage.

4) For the ladies, you should have good eating habits, don't eat everything just because you eat it or because you have the money, so you will not be so fat that any bachelor that sees you will think you are married or that you are pregnant. Is not bad to be a chubby lady but a potbelly will give you an ugly appearance, even if you are beautiful. You should always appear smart and endowed, that's how to attract men to yourself.

5) Always dress well, whether you are a bachelor or a spinster. First impressions are very crucial. You should always look irresistible, and smell nice both when you are with your lover or when you are alone. It has to be part of your daily routine. As a woman, stop exposing your endowment to men, your husband is the only person who's expected to see them and enjoy them. Exposing your private parts to the public will only attract those who will only be in love with your body and not real men who will love you as you have always desired.

6) Don't beg or force anyone to marry you. If you are not willingly accepted, you can't be lovingly treated. Don't even try to trap anyone with an unplanned pregnancy, he may accept the responsibility of the pregnancy but if you are not accepted by him, your pregnancy can't do it for you. Don't marry with pity, it can't end in praise.

7) No matter your beauty or your handsomeness, if you don't have a good character, you will always be having trouble with your spouse. Your character can lead to divorce, but it can also lead to a Successful Marriage. Always work on yourself so you will not be the poison that will make your marriage lifeless. Character is one of the major reasons why someone that's ugly than you gets married before you because her character was better than yours.

8) As a woman, you should be a good chef. Your maid Shouldn't be in charge of your kitchen, cooking for the family including your husband. From the day your maid starts cooking your husband's favorite, that's the day she will gradually start gaining your husband's emotional attention and care. You may be surprised to hear one day saying that he prefers the maid's food better than yours, That's the beginning of your marriage's downfall.

9) Read books and visit websites about marriage and parenting before you accept his Marriage proposal or before your wedding day. Failure to prepare for Marriage means you are preparing to fail. Attend marriage seminars and premarital counseling sessions before marriage. This will give you more ideas and understanding of how Marriage works and how to make your marriage Successful.

Marriage seminars will expose the secret things you may have not heard about marriage. You will hear from married men and women on how they overcame their own challenges and also how they amended some mistakes that would have ended their Marriage.

10) Stay connected with Jesus. A marriage without Christ is bound to experience a marital crisis. Pray for your spouse without ceasing. Pray for your marriage without a timetable or limit. Prayer is one of the methods through which you can invite God over your marriage, taking it for granted can lead your marriage to crisis.

11) Learn to tolerate each other. One of the backs of Successful Marriage is tolerance. Remember you guys have different characters entirely, so don't expect him or her to do things exactly the way you want it to be done. Tolerance of each other's mistakes, errors, and omissions. Learn to overlook instead of counting them till the day you will strike your partner because of the previous offense committed against you.

Marriage is not a war zone unless you make yours a war zone. Marriage is a union of two different individuals that was brought up by different family norms and lifestyles, and who are ready to accept and tolerate each other's shortcomings. If you are not in this angle, then Marriage is not for you.

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