13 Things That Can Make A Man Cherish His Wife Always.

Men are one of the easygoing creations found in humanity as created by God. Imagine without make-up, women are still falling in love with men because their appearance is always charming and irresistible. So many married women are finding it difficult to have peace of mind with their husbands simply because they are either confused about how to please them or they are lost and don't know where to start to make the man of the house a happy man.

It is very easy for you to please your man, and make him happy and he will always cherish you if you can take notes of these things listed in this article.

1) Cook good food for him, especially his favorite meals. It must not be every day but whenever you cook it, make it a special one.
2) Giving him good intimacy. Intimacy is one of the backbones of every happy marriage. Your intimacy with your man shouldn't have a timetable. Do it everywhere you deem fit. You are free to do it inside the kitchen, in the bathroom, or the sitting room.

3) Support him in tackling the financial needs of the family.
4) Be submissive to him as your husband. There is no way you can be the head of the family even if you are biologically his senior, or you are richer than him. You must be submissive to your husband because that's one of the rules of a happy marriage.
5) Be a good listener. You are not expected to talk when your husband is talking. You listen to him first before you can respond to him and you don't raise your voice at him even if you are angry about what he said.

6) Don't be a nagging wife. This alone can scare him away from you and make you lonely at home while he will be somewhere with another woman who is giving him peace of mind.
7) Don't report his weak point to his friends or to your friends either.
8) Make him your best friend. Don't keep any secrets from him because best friends don't keep secrets from each other.
9) Don't compare him with another man and don't pressure him to do anything whether within his ability or not.

10) Don't deny him your body. Every man wants the attention of his woman in the bedroom, denying him that attention can lead him to look for it elsewhere which is dangerous to your marriage.
11) Make him believe that you have confidence in him and you also believe and support his dream and vision for greatness or the betterment of your marriage with him.
12) Don't report his emotional disability to your parents. If your man is the type that is always apologizing and begging you to be happy with him even when you are most times the person that is wrong or you are the one that offended him, but he still apologizes to you, don't report his emotional disability to your parents. This can break your home, by the time you know what's happening, it would have been too late to amend.

13) Don't stay up late. No matter your position in the office or the status of traffic in your place of work or business, don't come home late. He may endure it at first but gradually he will get used to it and that is by making himself comfortable with another woman who is always available for him. His body is not firewood, he needs romance just like you do.

You must consider these things if you want to enjoy your marriage while your man always cherishes you in his arms of love.


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